Man Files Lawsuit Against Starbucks

by Caleb Domenico

A Starbucks customer in Chicago felt that when he got his­ Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, sugar-f­ree syrup, extra shot, ice, no whip; that they were putting too much ice in it. Sounds crazy, right? But not to the customer Stacy Pincus as she filed a lawsuit against Starbucks for five million dollars!

There is almost no doubt that the customer will win. Here’s their argument; so a normal venti drink is advertised as 24 fluid ounces but, with the ice they put in there, it is really only 14 ounces of the liquid. So, in the end they are not getting as much of the drink as they paid for.

This kind of lawsuit can be traced back to a lawsuit that was filed against McDonald’s because a customer was burned by the coffee that was ordered and the customer won. So it looks like popular food chains will have to be cautious or the could lose a lot of money. After this is all over, Starbucks will have a latte to change.

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