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Mar 11

Are Animals A Threat Or A Problem?

According to the City of Longmont website, animals like dogs and cats that might be feral, lost or even strays, are caught by animal catchers. Many people don’t want rabid animals running around their neighborhoods. People don’t want rabid animals running around because they could be sick, or even deadly to young children, adults, and …

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Mar 11

Are Streaming Companies Taking Over?

Lots of people have at least one streaming network or have heard of them. They are businesses that allow you to stream movies right from your home. This is a lot better than things like Redbox because you will not have to leave your home. These streaming networks include, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Apple …

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Mar 06

Global Warming; How Big is The Problem?

  There are lots of concerns about global warming. Most people know what it is and how it’s affecting our world, but they aren’t doing anything about it. Global warming is considered by most people an opinion, but 99% of scientists think it’s real. Global warming affects everyone’s climate and especially the North and South …

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Mar 02

Measles Why They’re Dangerous!

What are measles you ask? Well, measles are an infectious disease causing fever and a red rash on the skin. According to the site Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this disease has been traced back to the ‘’ninth century where a Persian doctor published the first written account of measles. In 1912, measles became …

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Dec 08

How Does Art Help Students?

Many people don’t pay attention to art but they don’t know that art can help students learn better in and out of the classrooms. According to the website, MedicalXpress, “A study shows that students that do quick drawings in science have a better understanding than students that do not. Science classes like to use graphs, …

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Dec 05

Different People Different Religions

Different people have different religions. Many people are Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. The followers of Judaism don’t worship statues. They dance and sing in the Hebrew language and say prayers to God. They have the holy text called the Torah. They are taught to love their neighbor as yourself. The Jews have a good reputation …

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Nov 21

ISIS – How Big of a Threat are They?

  “Am I worried? No, why would I need to be worried?” said Axel Manica, an 8th grade student, at the question of whether or not he is worried about the threat of ISIS or ISIL, (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). ISIS is an Islamic extremist group in the Iraq/Syria area. ISIS is known …

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Oct 15

Enterovirus 68 Outbreak 2014

Map shows the states with reported cases of Enterovirus 68 as of September 9, 2014. Photo courtesy of WFAA8   Enterovirus 68 has recently made a comeback in the United States. This is also not the first time that the virus has been around in the United States. There was an outbreak back in 2010. …

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Sep 22

A Year After The Floods

“This is the largest disaster that Colorado has ever endured,” said Dan Alexander, Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, last year in the Denver Post. According to the Colorado Climate Center of Colorado State University, “In September of 2013, Colorado had historic rains and flooding that highly affected six major rivers/tributaries …

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Sep 19

The Future Today – 9/13/2014 – Star Citizen, Ebola Outbreaks, and More

Technology Star Citizen We all love good Sci-Fi. What’s not to love about flying spaceships, shooting laser weapons, and using futuristic gadgets that may or may not comply with the laws of physics? On the surface, the upcoming game Star Citizen is just like its predecessors Starlancer and Freelancer, in that you go around flying …

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