Category: Fashion Advice

May 08

Is The Dress Code Defining Our Students?

The dress code at Coal Ridge Middle School includes many basic rules and guidelines. For example; students shorts or skirts must be fingertip length, hats may not be worn inside the school building, and shirts must have sleeves. Although each student feels differently about the dress code most students disagree with these rules. Why should …

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Dec 02

2013 Winter Trends and Fashion

It is getting cold outside. Soon the rooftops will be covered in white blankets of snow. When you walk outside of your warm and cozy home, the winter air wraps around you and chills your skin. How are you going to prepare for this chilly winter? Maybe buying a new winter wardrobe to keep you …

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Oct 08

Seasonal Outfits and Halloween Costumes

Are you up to date with this seasons outfits? What about Halloween costume ideas? Lets get on the first topic of jeans. This year, skinny jeans seem to be very popular among everyone. Yet some people are more lenient towards yoga pants or leggings. It really depends on your style and taste of clothing. Many …

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