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Oct 15

Should Students Bring Their ipads Home Over the Summer?

Students at Coal Ridge Middle School were recently reunited with their iPad Minis after summer break.This will be their second year with them. Every year, students turn in their iPads before they go off on summer vacation. There are both pros and cons to doing that. Some pros to bringing your iPad home are that …

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May 08

A Night To Remember

Are you going to the 8th grade formal dance? You would be crazy not to! Formal is a time for all 8th grade CRMS students to get together and have a night to remember one last time before high school. Many different students answered what they believe our formal is. Ivy Ammerman, 8th grader, says, …

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Feb 19

High School Bound!

High school can sometimes be a difficult time in one’s life or a very exciting time in someones life. Around Colorado there are several amazing high schools that people can choose to go to. The most common choices for Coal Ridge students are Frederick, Mead, Erie, and Niwot high schools.     The highlights of …

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Dec 06

The NJHS Volleyball Tournament

A Google Image This year, instead of having a staff vs.students volleyball game, National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) hosted a school-wide volleyball tournament. In this tournament NJHS made anybody, boys and girls, could enter as a team. “Hosting a volleyball tournament that anyone in the school can participate in while competing against their friends can …

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Nov 01

The New iPads

  Courtesy of Google Images ( Now we all used computers at school to help with school work, but what will happen when we get our new iPad minis in February? Most of us already have enough trouble keeping our notes and carrying heavy binders. With the new iPads, we could keep all of our …

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May 23

Formal Friday

On Friday May 3, it was a very tropical night for our future high school freshmen. The night was filled with energy, loud music, and lots of dancing. A luau never to forget; one of the best memories for their 8th grade year. A night where we all came together and didn’t care if we …

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May 23

Our Last Middle School Field Trip

Eight grade students, this Thursday, May 23, we will be going on a field trip to Elitch Gardens. We will be leaving the school around 9:15 and returning around 6:00, so make sure you have a ride. There will be teacher and parent chaperones to take students from the classroom on to the bus, down …

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May 21

A Graphic Novelist Visits Coal Ridge

On Thursday, April 18, graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang visited Coal Ridge’s 8th grade students. Yang has published many different graphic novels, one of his most popular being,  “American Born Chinese.” “American Born Chinese” tells the story of three different characters- the Monkey King, Jin Wang, and Chin-kee. Each of these characters were put together …

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May 20

Where Everyone Belongs (W.E.B.)

When you look back to your 6th grade year, you probably remember the program “Where Everyone Belongs” or as it is better known as, W.E.B. This program is a group where 8th graders will help the 6th graders feel more comfortable with the school. They do this by giving them monthly W.E.B lessons where they …

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May 13

Coal Ridge Track Team

Most of the track meets were cancelled and the team was set back due to really bad weather those past few weeks. However, Gilliam took this to an advantage by working on the team’s weaknesses like improving their endurance and strength and whatever they struggled with. He believes practice makes perfect. And his team benefited …

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