Category: Tech Advice

Feb 04

Microsoft’s Ground Breaking New VR Headset

Editorial by Rachel Entrekin and Seth Ciancio Microsoft recently announced “Hololens” A virtual reality headset unlike any other. This headset uses small projectors to add anything into the user’s space. They look like holograms, hence the name. This headset can be used to transport you into a different world. This video is a working demo, …

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Feb 01

Life-Saving Inventions

by Jace Schirmacher and Matheu Nolte There are many inventions in the world, but some of the most important are the ones that save lives. The Ambulance Drone The ambulance drone is a drone created by a Dutch engineer to create life-saving support in a matter of seconds. The drone is equipped with a webcam …

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Mar 11

Are Streaming Companies Taking Over?

Lots of people have at least one streaming network or have heard of them. They are businesses that allow you to stream movies right from your home. This is a lot better than things like Redbox because you will not have to leave your home. These streaming networks include, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Apple …

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Feb 19

Technology Is Running Our Lives, How Can We Stop It?

Technology is everywhere in today’s society, we have computers in our pockets and touch screen televisions. Like many others, you love technology or you’re like some who don’t like it or you understand it at times, this article is for you in each case. You might have a love and/or hate relationship with technology, but …

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Oct 15

Should Students Bring Their ipads Home Over the Summer?

Students at Coal Ridge Middle School were recently reunited with their iPad Minis after summer break.This will be their second year with them. Every year, students turn in their iPads before they go off on summer vacation. There are both pros and cons to doing that. Some pros to bringing your iPad home are that …

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Sep 19

Ignore No More

Ever wanted your kids to stop ignoring your texts or calls? There’s now an app to prevent that from happening. Alice Gainer from CBS New York interviewed Sharon Standifird, a mother, that was so tired of her kids ignoring her calls that she created an app so they wouldn’t anymore. She created this app so …

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Sep 17

A World of Code

From a simple app to a complex smartphone, there is code everywhere. It may not be visible to anyone not looking for it, but it is there. Code is the infrastructure to it all, anything electronic. However, if it is everywhere, where does it come from? Well, code for something would come from a single …

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May 22

Pros and Cons on Social Media

Social media can be convenient way to socialize, make new friends, and hear about all the greatest trends, but also it can be very dangerous.  Bullying takes a huge role in social media as well as peer pressure as well as teen safety. There are a lot of untrustworthy people that trick children and young …

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Feb 18

Technology, The New Way of Learning

The IPad mini, a device made for music, social media, and games; it’s the new tool for learning. There are many apps made for this device some better than others, but some of these are very complex and hard to use. Other questions are what apps will we be using and if those are the …

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Dec 19

Technology And Us

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” ~ Einstein Technology has become a very important part in all of our lives. Over the years scientists have used technology for many historical projects in life, for example, to go the moon, or to store …

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