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May 12

Life as a President’s Child

by Matthew Lowe Our president has two daughters, Natasha and Malia. His oldest daughter Malia is coming to the age of 18 years old, while Natasha is 14 years old. Although they live in the White House, President Obama and Michelle Obama are trying to make it like a normal home. To resemble a normal …

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May 10

Perspective of a Photographer and Journalist on Organized Crime in 1980’s Italy

By Nicole Woods In America, a whole genre of gangster movies have been dedicated to the mafia. One of the most famously known mafia movies is the Godfather. The Sopranos, The Family, and other movies come to mind as well. However, life in Italy with the mafia was and is no walk in the park …

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May 10

Man Files Lawsuit Against Starbucks

by Caleb Domenico A Starbucks customer in Chicago felt that when he got his­ Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, sugar-f­ree syrup, extra shot, ice, no whip; that they were putting too much ice in it. Sounds crazy, right? But not to the customer Stacy Pincus as she filed a lawsuit against Starbucks for five million …

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Apr 26

Politics­: How is voting done?

by Matthew Lowe In the United States, the people choose how our country runs by selecting the most important person in the United States government, the president. However, many people who have not voted before (myself included) are legitimately confused about how it works. So before you turn eighteen, sit back and read this article …

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Apr 21

Swearing in the School Environment

Today we live in an environment that socially accepts swearing in a daily manner. Students can’t walk through our school halls without hearing a cuss word or seeing someone getting flipped off. Which got us thinking, “What is the school’s policy on swearing and body language?” Can students be punished for using swear words and …

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Apr 19

Is Standardized Testing Needed

by Matthew Lowe and Nicole Woods It starts out like every school day. Students wake up, get ready, and pop into their classes while simultaneously keeping up a good grade. Somewhere in the day, a test sheet is laid in front of them. From the beginning of the school year, students are trained to face …

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Apr 15

Obesity in Teenagers and Children: How to Prevent it

By Breanna Encinas, Nicole Woods and Bobby Ambriz It has startled parents for years. It has caused and been linked to eating disorders, diseases, strange eating patterns, and lack of physical activity. Obesity has been affecting the lives of many adult Americans and is now starting to affect the wellbeing of children. More doctors are …

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Mar 07

Why digital learning is better for students

by Alexandro Dominguez Digital learning has always been a huge issue because some parents say it’s bad and other parents think it’s best for the students. I am here to explain why digital learning is better for each and every student in school. We live in a digital world, so in the future when technology …

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Mar 03

Top Five Foods and Drinks That Can Boost Your Health!

by Blake Bishop, Seth Ciancio and Rachel Entrekin No. 1 Leafy greens : Studies show that leafy greens are one of the healthiest items you can eat. But it is easily missed by parents because it doesn’t have a good taste. No. 2 Olive Oil: One study in Greece showed that breast cancer was slimmed to …

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Mar 02

What’s the Story Behind

by Katie Love, David Smith-Tomassoni and Jillian Myers was released near the end of April 2015 and since has grown at an amazing rate. Now, according to AgarioZone, no matter what time you play, a minimum of about 10,000 players are on each server. This game was released on steam for free. In the …

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