Feb 04

Super Bowl 50

Editorial by Angelina,David,and Ethan

It’s the final stretch to Super Bowl 50. Less than a week until it takes place in Santa Clara, California at the 49ers stadium. These teams will go head to head in the Super Bowl to become Champions. Who will win, Panthers or Broncos? It’s hard to say. The Panthers at 15­-1 and Broncos at 12­-4 for a record of this season. Whoever wins, it will be a close game. Both good teams but only one will be our new champion. For them to win their third Super Bowl, their defense has to be the best during this game.

Super Bowl 50

Feb 04

Microsoft’s Ground Breaking New VR Headset

Editorial by Rachel Entrekin and Seth Ciancio

Microsoft recently announced “Hololens” A virtual reality headset unlike any other. This headset uses small projectors to add anything into the user’s space. They look like holograms, hence the name. This headset can be used to transport you into a different world. This video is a working demo, of hololens. Showing some of the things it can do.


It is, impressive to say the least. Unfortunately though, for the prototype, or “dev-kit” version (meant for developers to get a head start on making apps), you will have to pay 3000 dollars. In conclusion, this is why the new VR headset is an important piece modern day technology.

Feb 01

Life-Saving Inventions

by Jace Schirmacher and Matheu Nolte

There are many inventions in the world, but some of the most important are the ones that save lives.

The Ambulance Drone

The ambulance drone is a drone created by a Dutch engineer to create life-saving support in a matter of seconds. The drone is equipped with a webcam which can be used to talk with doctors from far away. It also has a loudspeaker on board so you can communicate with the doctor that is helping you. This drone is made specifically for cardiac arrest situations, so it comes equipped with two defibrillators without instructions. Nearly 800,000 people per year suffer from cardiac arrest, and only 8% survive. But with this drone chances could increase by nearly 95%. Now keep in mind this is a prototype but could be launched five years from now with an estimated $20,000 price tag.

The Life-Saving Bazooka 

This may sound like a toy but really it is the next generation of rescue. The bazooka is a medium sized double canister launcher that fires a canister the size of a baseball at any point you need. Once it comes in contact with something like water or a body, it shall inflate into a life preserve. They are trying to make it so that the second round shoots a flare into the water.

Feb 01

How Does Gaming Affect Students?

Editorial by

Kaylee Fabini, Echo Graham, Justyce Eades

There are many ways that video games can affect students. It can affect their learning and behavior. One example is that if the student plays a violent video game he/she can become more aggressive. Another example is that they can become obese by spending lots of time on a computer or game console, instead of being outside and doing some kind of sport or exercise.

Gentile Anderson, a scientist in the U.S. who did a study on how gaming affects children, stated in 2003, “Playing video games may increase aggressive behavior because violent acts are repeated throughout the video game.” Because of this, students are more prone to confrontations with their teachers. They may engage in fights with their peers, see a decline in school achievements, and tend to be more aggressive.Studies also show that boys play roughly 2.6 times more hours per week than girls, and most of these are violent. In America, 8.5% of youths are addicted to playing video games. The average 8­-12 year­-old plays 13 hours of video games per week. While the average 13­-18 year-­old plays 14 hours of video games per week.

Some good sides to gaming are that it can teach the player manual dexterity and computer literacy. They could also slow down the aging process because it would stall the brain from aging. It could reduce anxiety or pain caused by medical procedures, or illnesses. It could improve eyesight and alertness by locating and aiming at the enemies. There are many ways that video games can affect students in both good and bad ways.

Feb 01

Emotional support Animals

Editorial by Alexandra Costello

Animals are everywhere in your daily life. But have you ever thought about how these animals can impact other people’s lives more than your own? Some animals aren’t just pets, they help their owners in more ways than one. Emotional support animals are there for companionship, not commands.

Emotional support animals, also called assistance animals, are not like service animals. Service animals are dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities, such as guiding someone who is visually impaired, pulling a wheelchair, alerting someone of a seizure, and calming someone with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The service dog is not limited to these jobs, but the job they do is directly related to the person’s disability. Emotional support animals, which are not limited to dogs, can be any animal. They provide therapeutic benefit to the owner through companionship. They provide support to those with psychiatric disabilities and other mental impairments. These animals do not have to be trained to perform any tasks, and are there to make sure the owner is alright.

Both of these animals are able to go into areas with a “No Pet” rule, and are allowed wherever the owner is. You are not allowed to question the person about their support animal, or about their disability. You cannot ask what the animal’s purpose is, even if it is not obvious. You can only ask if it is a support animal, if it isn’t obvious. Before you try to kick someone out for having a pet, please ask if it’s a service or support animal first. Even if it’s mandatory, please be polite. Emotional support animals are just as important as service animals, they help their owner by helping with their disabilities, just like service dogs. If you are thinking, “Whoa! If I just register my pet as a support animal, it can go anywhere!” Well in order to do that you have to have a mental disability. The animal can be anything you want, like a turkey, a pig, a rabbit, a dog, anything that will help you with your daily life.

People take comfort from being with their animals, and not some service dog they found. Some people are afraid of dogs, and prefer the option of an emotional support animal. They are amazing creatures, and are just as important as service animals.

Jan 22

Youth Small Game and Waterfowl Hunting in Colorado


Editorial by Matheu Nolte

Youth small game hunting in Colorado is a great opportunity to take out your kids and have them have a time of their life when they connect to nature. Youth small game hunting is considerably cheap compared to adult hunting, youth small game tags usually cost around $1.75 and an adult’s resident is around $31 and a non-resident is $66.

The license includes a tag that you can use to hunt rabbit, squirrel, beaver, bobcat, and many more animals. The tag also allows you to hunt upland birds (Not) including waterfowl unless you’re a youth hunter which then all you need is a small game license if under the age of 16. The upland birds include grouse, pheasant, quail and even sandhill crane!

 Waterfowl hunting requires a small game tag, Colorado Waterfowl stamp $5 (if over the age of 16) and a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (Duck Stamp) usually around $25. For youth hunters all you need to hunt is small game license and someone with you that meets hunter safety requirements and can be in possession of a firearm, and you’re ready to hunt. If you’re hunting public property, some require reservations, and some don’t, so make sure you check the regulations

                                What you Need

Small game-

  • An orange hunting vest and hat

  • Shotgun no larger than 10 gauge and cannot hold more than 3 shells including the magazine tube and 1 in the chamber

  • Small game tag


  • Shotgun no larger than 10 gauge and cannot hold more than 3 shells including the magazine tube and 1 in the chamber

  • Small game tag

  • Retriever dog is needed

  • Blind for calling/duck or geese calls

Jan 21

Star Wars the Force Awakens

star wars

Editorial by David Smith-Tomassoni

The seventh Star Wars has made over a billion dollars in 12 days, that’s a lot of money! They are also making more money because people are buying and watching the older movies. According to Techradar, this movie is really worth watching. They say it’s “A worthy sequel” and they enjoy how Han solo can interact with the new characters. In the movies, thirty years have passed since the original series. This is a coincidence because it has also been thirty years in real life since the original series as well.To understand this movie you need to watch the original trilogy to know the characters and the plot.

So is this movie really worth watching? Personally, I think this movie is a great movie but it could have been better. SPOILER ALERT!!!!  I think Harrison Ford should not have died because he would have made great appearances in the upcoming movies. I also don’t like how Rey can beat Kylo Ren even though she has never trained before and Kylo Ren has learned the ways of the force. I think some parts should have been explained, like that vision Rey got when she touched Luke’s light saber.

Jan 21

The Like Meter: Is Social Media Taking Over?

Editorial by Jillian Myers


Image result for social media

According to BBC News, about 1.5 billion people have a Facebook account. About 65 percent of that population, they claim, use it daily. I think social media has greatly impacted our world in both good ways and bad. It has allowed us to easily contact distant family and friends, but has limited our contact with the world around us. When you’re at dinner for example, sometimes people whip out their phones to post about where or what they’re eating. If a conversation turns boring or uninteresting, people turn to their phones for entertainment when they should be talking to the people around them. According to Cornell University, social media makes it hard for individuals to tell their important bonds with people in the real world apart from the bonds they make online. This ends up with people focusing so much on their less meaningful relationships that they forget about the people in real life and lose the connections. So social media gives you friends, but takes away other, more important, friends. Certain work facilities have attempted to block social media, but it doesn’t always work so well. According to Chron, Facebook has shaved 1.5% off of productivity in the office. So is social media taking over? Does it take away from us? Leave a Reply below!

Jan 21

Whale Hunting

Editorial by David Heredia

Whale hunting is still legal in some countries and in those countries they kill over 2,000 whales a year. People have done this for hundreds of years. They kill them for personal reasons and for fun. They hunt them for money. People pay a lot of money for the whales that they catch.

They hunt the whales for their meat and supposedly sold for science. They also hunt them for oil and their blubber. Whale meat is eaten daily and the blubber is used for energy and vitamins A, C, and D. The whale meat provides niacin, iron, and protein. Many companies and businesses in some countries hunt for whales. They mostly hunt for fin, Antarctic minke, sperm whales, humpback, minke, and sei whales.

Countries all over the world legalized whaling. At least 10 countries still practice whale hunting. Some countries that still hunt for whales are Japan, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska in the U.S., Russia, South Korea, Faroe Islands, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Each of those countries kill at least 2,000 whales a year.

The people that kill the whales say that if whales could scream, the noise they would make would be horrible and terrifying. The hunters torture the whales until they kill it. RAISE Awareness!!!!!

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Jan 21

Protecting Wildlife

Editorial by Kaylee Fabini

There are many things that are a threat to wildlife. Some of these are invasive species, herbicides and pesticides. But there are ways to help the wildlife. Ways to help:

  • Recycling, reducing energy and goods consumption
  • Minimize use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Place decals on windows
  • Slow down when driving
  • Join an organization

One of the threats to wildlife are invasive species. Invasive species (also known as non­native species) can take over native habitat. Invasive species and native species compete for habitat and resources around the area it is in. Non­native species can force the native species towards extinction, and can even prey on the the natives. A way you could reduce non­native species from being a threat is by putting more native plants in your garden, and also welcoming native animals into your yard.

Another threat to wildlife are herbicides and pesticides. Herbicides and pesticides are pollutants that affect wildlife on many levels. They take a long time to degrade. Even though there are threats to wildlife, there are still ways to help. One of the things you could do is place decals on windows to reduce bird collisions. You could also add bird feeders, close blinds and curtains at the brightest parts of the days, and put screens on the outside of windows. Another way you could help is by slowing down when driving. Many native animals have to live in a landscape next to a road or a city. Roads are a hazard to any kind of animal that is trying to cross from one side to the other. So, when you’re out driving you should keep a lookout and slow down for any wildlife.

The final thing you could do to help, is by joining an organization. In an organization you can voice your concerns. For example, if there is an endangered species you are worried about, you can let the government know and they might help you do something about it. There are many things that are a threat to wildlife, but there are still ways to help. Try slowing down when driving, place decals on windows, plant native species in your garden, and/or join an organization.


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