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Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Process

1) The individual suspecting abuse or neglect must be the reporting party. To make a verbal report immediately report to one of the following agencies:

Office #                                   Fax #

Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline                           1-844-264-5437

Boulder County Housing and Human Services                        303-678-6000                      303-441-1529

Boulder County Sheriff’s Office                                                303-441-4444                     720-564-2674

Firestone Police Department                                                    303-833-0811                     303-833-4863

Frederick Police Department                                                     720-382-5700                     720-382-5500

Erie Police Department                                                              303-926-2800                     303-926-2805

Longmont Police Department                                                    303-651-8555                     303-774-4303

Weld County Health and Human Services                                 970-352-1551                     970-346-7698

Weld County Sheriff’s Office                                                       720-652-4222                    720-652-4217


2) Go to the Student Safety Resource Site at:

a) Navigate to the Child Abuse tab

b) Click on DocuSign Documents – Mandatory Reporting Forms and Instructions

         c) Click on the word HERE link to access the DocuSign document

d) Enter your Name and Email and Click Begin Signing

e) Enter Access code emergency and Click Validate


3) Begin filling out the report by clicking the start button

a) Fill out the report and submit form (this will automatically send the report to the Security Office)

b) Print a copy of the report and fax it to the reporting agency (see fax numbers above and send to the agency that aligns with the community in which the incident occurred, or if unknown, in which child resides) and give hard copy to your building Principal. (You will receive an email from Stacy Davis indicating that the report is complete. Click on Review Document and it will open a copy of the report you can print.)

c) Do not worry about principal signatures within Docusign, and do not fax a copy to Stacy Davis

4) In addition, the FERPA Disclosure Log on Infinite Campus must be filled out. The information can be released without parental consent. When child abuse/neglect is the reason FERPA protected information is released, then the name of the individual releasing the information is NOT entered in the Log. Instead, you enter “District” as the person who disclosed the info and enter “suspected child abuse/neglect” or even “mandatory statutory reporting” if you choose.


If you have questions regarding the process, please contact Stacy Davis at 720-339-1476.