Social Studies Online Resources

Middle School
Textbook Publisher Website
Exploring Our World, People, Places, and Cultures Western Hemisphere (6th Grade) Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Glencoe Setup
History Alive! 7th Grade World History
(Combined Ancient & Medieval)
History Alive!  The United States Through Industrialism (8th Grade) TCI TCI Setup

High School 

Textbook Publisher Website/Info
Pursuing American Ideals (US History) TCI TCI Setup
Democracy in Action – Government Glencoe ConnectED
World Geography – History – custom textbook 9th grade Glencoe ConnectED
A History of Western Society (AP European History) Bedford/St. Martins Set up
AP Economics – Principles of Economics 5TH ED. 2009 COPY. Cencage Learning/Holt Online Reg Instructions
Economics Concepts & Choices Not AP Holt McDougal Online Reg
Psychology, Principles in Practice – Rathus Holt McDougal Online Reg
Sociology – Schaefer Sociology 12th Edition  McGraw Hill Online Center
Philosophy 1 Center for Learning Pearson
AP  Psychology 1st edition  (Meyers) MPS/ Bedford St. Martins. Pearson
AP Comparative Politics Today Pearson Pearson
Roots and Reform 11th Ed. American Government AP Gov. Pearson CD Only for teacher edition Pearson
AP US History – Out of Many 6th Edition Pearson Pearson
Elementary School
Textbook Publisher Website/Link
4th Grade – The Colorado Story Gibbs-Smith Gibbs-Smith 4th Grade Instructions

Gibbs-Smith COStory_ESH_Students

5th Grade – United States – Making a New Nation Harcourt Harcourt – 5th grade online resources

5th Grade Harcourt online edition walkthrough

Resources for Primary Documents

Media Cast
District Provided Reference Data Bases
FREE — Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government
U.S. History Topics – FREE Teaching and Learning Resources
Constitution Society :: Home
Primary Source Documents
American History
The Price of Freedom: Americans at War
EDSITEment | The Best of the Humanities on the Web
History & Social Studies | EDSITEment
The Meaning Behind the Mask | EDSITEment
Welcome to The New York Public Library
Princeton University Digital Library
Princeton University Digital Library — Collections
Pikes Peak Library District
History | Pikes Peak Library District
The University of Chicago Library
Digital Library Collections and Activities – University of Chicago Library
Native American Language Net: Preserving and promoting indigenous American Indian languages
American Antiquarian Society
Browse by Subject in the Grant-Burr Family Papers
Through a Glass Darkly: Images of Race, Region and Reform at the American Antiquarian Society
History Matters: The U.S. Survey Course on the Web
What is Historical Thinking? |
TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing
Denver Public Library Western History/Genealogy Digital Collections
Our Online American History Textbook – Digital History
Reading and Writing Project for Middle School

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