Dandelion Wishes

September 22-26

All Grades – We are working on a library project called “Dandelion Wishes”.  This week we read Barney Bipple’s Magic Dandelions by Carol Chapman.  Barney finds out what happens when your wishes are complicated and learns to wish for simple things like gum, a baseball mitt and a frog.  I sent the kids home to think about a simple wish.  Next week, we will start on our project.  Stop by during conferences to check it out.  photo

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Book Fair Planned for December 2014

When is this year’s Book Fair?  

I have shared this with the kids and they are so excited!  We will host a Scholastic Book Fair on December 8-11, 2014.  I will be looking for some great volunteers to help out.  Look for more information about the fair and how to help out in November.  It will be a great opportunity to get holiday gifts for your kids, friends, teachers and more!

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Welcome Back to the Eagle Crest Library – Fall 2014

Welcome Back to the Eagle Crest Library 

Welcome to a new school year at Eagle Crest.  By now your child has visited the school library a few times and has checked out a book or two.  During library time, we have gone over library rules, learned how to take care of books and read some funny stories.

Kindergarten classes will select one book to check out each week.  Other grades will select two books.  Please encourage your child to take very good care of the books and bring them back on time.  Here are some rules we have gone over in class:

  • Find a safe place at home to keep books when not being read. Always keep library books out of the reach of pets and toddlers and away from food or drinks. Be sure to ask about the books that I showed them during library time. There were some good examples of what happens to books when they are not kept in a “safe place” at home.
  • Be sure library books do not get wet, dirty or torn inside your child’s backpack.  Water bottles can ruin books, so please be sure to keep them away from your child’s library books.

As a parent, you can also help by:

  • Reading library books with your child or have a reading time together.  And remember even older children love having books read to them.  Enjoy your time together.
  • Every week, have your child bring the books to school on their library day. Even if they want to continue reading the book, please bring in the books to renew them.
  • If an accident occurs and a book does get damaged, please do not try to repair it yourself. Send it back to school with a note and I will do everything possible to fix it.
  • If a book cannot be repaired or becomes lost, we ask that you pay to replace the book.  The replacement fee for a  lost or damaged book is $20 for hardcover books and $10 for paperbacks. The fees cover the cost of a library bound book, labels, processing and shipping charges.  Note that overdue book fees will remain on your student’s record until the book is paid for or returned.   

I look forward to sharing some great books with your children this year! Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at beckett_joan@svvsd.org.

Joan Beckett, Media Tech – Eagle Crest Elementary


NEW YEAR September 2013

Well, we now have two Media Techs and we welcome Joan Beckett to the library!  She will be taking over the lessons in the library and working with the students the majority of the time.  The first couple weeks of schools has been spent going over rules and story time while the students and Joan adapt to one another.  New books will be on the way soon as Joan and I begin working on a new list, look for them to appear some time in October!

Check out the library schedule page for your students day and time.  By knowing the schedule, you can help them make sure their books are returned on time.

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Recently Read

I recently read the One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, and thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is written in the voice of Ivan, the gorilla, and tells his journey through conversations with two elephants of how he came to be captive.  Simple, easy text and such a heartwarming story.  If Charlotte’s Web is a book you enjoyed,  you most certainly will love the story of Ivan.  A fictionalized story of a real gorilla brought to national attention by a National Geographic, this story will truly touch your heart.   This Newbery Medal winning book would be a great class read aloud.  I highly recommend this wonderful book. (Click on the book to see reviews.)


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Don’t Let the Pigeon

Some of our creative author/illustrators at school!

mw jazz mw movie mw snow mw book mw hockey mw cupcake Don't Let the Pigeon...mw fishing

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Book News

It’s book award time!  To get reviews of this year’s winners and runner ups, go to Horn Book Review

Newbery winner – The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Caldecott winner – This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

We’ve also added new books to our library collection along with some of the 2013 award winning books.  Students will be able to preview books this week and begin checking them out the following week. Part of the past book fair money helped pay for this current purchase.  Thank you parents!

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A bit about Myon

I hope you find the information helpful in using MyOn.  Remember, our goal is to get children excited about reading!

St Vrain Flyer – Parent

Mini MyOn

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Details to follow, but information should be going home in Thursday folders next week!

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Many thanks to all the parents who helped volunteer at the book fair.  Without your help it would have been almost impossible to manage.  The library will get 20% of the proceeds from the fair, which will go straight back into the library for books and other materials.

With much gratitude,

Michele Keener

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Book Fair is here!

Come check out the Scholastic Book Fair, Monday through Thursday this week.  Can’t make it? Check out the online fair.  If you order online, books will be delivered to your child at school approximately a week to ten days after the fair ends.  Remember, all proceeds go back into the library.

Thanks to all the parents who have signed up to help, I greatly appreciate it. See you at the fair.





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