Sep 19

Preschool Meeting Follow Up

Based on some questions that came up during the licensing training, please see below the clarifications:

Transition Tracking

  • Purpose is to ensure that all students are accounted for when transitioning to avoid a lost child
  • Body to name checks should be done prior to and upon arrival for any transition outside your classroom
  • A copy of student emergency information should be with you any time you are outside your classroom

Restroom Protocol

  • Just a reminder the next step is to meeting with your principals to determine process specific to your building
  • Intent of this protocol is to avoid being one on one while restrooming or toileting a student
  • If you are experiencing challenges around this protocol while on the playground and may need a walkie talkie please contact Vicki Hergott
  • Consider using a curtain and curtain rod to cover the lower half of the restroom door to allow visibility


  • Volunteer Training power point is almost completed and will be shared shortly for your use with classroom volunteers.  Details to come when the power point is shared
  • Maximum student group size is 20 which also pertains to your outside playground
  • Thank you for being diligent in ensuring the awareness of the stipulations around  Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) qualifications as it applies to the requirement regarding who can be in charge of a group of children.  Only ECT staff can be in charge of a group wheras an assistant must be in the supervision of an ECT qualified staff at all times.  This applies to restrooming if outside the classroom and any other tasks that require them to outside the view of the teacher.

LENA Start

  • Reminder – LENA Starts fall class referrals are due by the end of this week.  Please refer families that you feel will benefit from this program to Claudia Orona Perez at The OUR Center 303-772-5529, ext. 242


If you have additional questions, please contact Shela.

Please welcome our new preschool teachers!








May 15

Licensing Binder Updates and Longmont Library

Happy Monday!

There was conversation at our meeting last Friday regarding new documents for each of your licensing binders.  For new staff, we should have provided you with a new licensing binder, but for those of you that already had a binder, we made all of the updated or revised documents available to you on the blog last fall.  So, if you are still missing some forms, please go to the licensing tab on the Early Childhood blog to download needed forms or documents.  I have also added the Longmont Public Library’s June calendars to the blog if you would like to download them and send them home with your students.  Have a great week!

Think summer!!!!

Mar 14

Early Childhood Resources and Information

Hi all!

We wanted to share the information below as a resource for you that was sent to us from Melanie Kelsea from Longmont Children, Youth & Families.



I wanted to share some resources and information on Early Childhood:

1)      For those who weren’t able to attend the Early Learning Summit, please visit the Bright EYES website for resources from the trainers:

2)      Here is a resource titled “Fostering Healthy Social & Emotional Development in Young Children Tips for EARLY Childhood Teachers and Providers” from the website Too Small to Fail:

3)      There is a training in May in Boulder for those who have already attended Pyramid Plus training and want to provide parent trainings: Positive Solutions for Families Train the Trainer –

4)      Don’t forget to visit the website for the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County for trainings, job postings, and more:

5)      Here is some recent legislation affecting families and child care providers:

  1. Family and Medical Leave Insurance for all Coloradoans Act This will most likely be introduced in state legislation in the next few weeks.
  2. HB 17-1210 Addressing Out-of-School Suspension & Expulsion of Young Children
  3. HB 17-1211 Disciplinary Strategies Professional Development for Educators
  4. If you would like to receive updates about legislation affecting Early Childhood issues, sign up for Kids Flash from the Colorado Children’s Campaign:


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.

Thank you,

Melanie Kelsea, M.S.

Community Coordinator/Early Childhood

Longmont Children, Youth & Families

Phone: 303-774-3762

Sep 23

Updated Licensing Binder Contents Now Available on Blog

Happy Friday Everyone!

Shela made a number of revisions to the content of your licensing binders this year.  All new staff should have received one by now or if not, one is on the way in district mail.  If you are new preschool staff and do not receive one by the end of next week, please email me.  Copies of all of the licensing binder content can be found under the blog’s licensing tab for you to print and add to your binders.


Nov 20


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