Feb 09

New Lunch and Learn class being offered March 3rd

Check out the new Lunch and Learn class being offered on Friday, March 3rd from 12:30-2:00 at Student Services.

Presenter:  Kim Ainsworth

Description:  FBA 101 -“How to use available data to formulate ahypothesis of function of behavior in preparation for development of Behavior Support Plan.  Note-this is not a sit-n-git “. Participants will be required to audit records and integrate assessment results to develop interventions. We will have fun, but we will have some sparks flying too!  :)”  

If you sign up for the class, please see the following instructions from Kim and see the ABC attachment below that she mentioned if you choose to sign up for the class.

“I am attaching a data sheet. I would like each participant to collect as much ABC data on their case study as possible in preparation for this training. This should start now.

If the student you have selected has an IEP, I would like them to bring the most recent evaluation report, and most recent progress report of Gold data. They will need highlighters and note paper.”

Lunch and Learn Sign Up Link

Lunch and Learn Preschool ABC Form