Feb 28

Eagle Crest Staff February Update

Congratulations to everyone for saving so much energy! Check out our results so far:

What are the results of saving energy? Not only are we making our planet a cleaner, healthier place to live, but we are also earning money. After extensive research from our Energy Eagles, we have decided to use the $1,600 we earned last year from saving energy to purchase automatic faucets for all faculty bathrooms!
Other Green Items:
This morning in your boxes, please find your Help Us Save Energy Earth Sticker Contest poster. Post this outside your classroom and earn Earth Stickers from your Energy Eagles. There are severals ways you can earn stickers and add your own ideas for saving energy too. Let’s celebrate how we help our earth!
Did you know that having a plant in your classroom can reduce carbon dioxide levels and increase general well-being, making your learning space calmer and more productive? If you would like a plant in your classroom, please click on the following link: Every Plant Helps.
Only using one side of your paper for copying? Consider having Kat copy onto paper that’s already been printed on one side! There’s an example of this in your Help Us Save Energy Earth Sticker Contest papers.  Thank you, Cheyanne, for adding this choice to the new copy sheets! For more tips on how to save paper at school, please visit:  Ways to Save Paper (and Trees!)
Coming soon . . . look for our email for quick classroom student presentations about using the e-Guage and Cube Resources Dashboard (we’re saving 10.33% as of this morning!). Check it frequently to see how much energy we are saving and get inspired!
Lastly, our Food Share Table is going well! As of today, we have saved 1,732 items, totaling $634.10!
Thanks everyone!

Jan 21

Winter/Spring Session Survey

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Dec 05

Congratulations, Eagle Crest!

This letter was sent to the entire staff over email yesterday to inform everyone
about our big success in the November district-wide energy saving contest.

Dear Eagle Crest,

The Energy Eagles wanted you to be the first to know how awesome you are at
saving energy! November was the first month in the district-wide energy saving
contest and we rocked it. Below is a screen shot of our energy use compared with
the baseline for the entire month. As you can see, we saved 2,514kWh and made
a net reduction in energy usage of 5.27%. This will result in $251 for Eagle Crest to
use in future sustainability efforts.

​This is only the first month of the challenge, so please stay vigilant!
If you would like power strips or a new Energy Saver outlet that allows you
to keep some things always plugged in, while others are turned off with a switch,
please let Stephanie Potter know. It really is a big deal that we are saving this
much energy, as we are already very energy efficient relative to some buildings.
We recommend finding a few minutes to check the E-Gauge and Cube Resources
with your students so they can celebrate as well.

Nov 14

STEM Explorers Design Thinking Independent Study

Nov 07

Energy Audit Continues!

Today we continued our energy audit and added items that we tested for vampire loads. We are asking ourselves, how can we save more energy


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Nov 06

Halloween Energy Audit

This year, our school wide energy audit landed on Halloween! Our Energy Eagles went all around school in their costumes testing lumens and temperature levels in classrooms. We are researching where we can save more energy as a school for the district wide energy saving contest and the good of the planet. We will continue this work this week. The results are recorded here. Check it out!


Oct 24

Mr. Munro and the E-gauge

In STEM on Tuesday, we had a special guest named Mr. Munro! He went on the e-gauge and showed us how it works and what it does. We talked about that for a little bit and then we discussed what takes up the most energy and what takes up little energy. The things that took up a lot of energy were the heating and cooling. He turned them off for one minute and then he turned them back on. You could see on the E-gauge that it took up a lot of energy because it dropped so low and when it turned back on it was was so high. We talked about tech for a little bit longer and then school was about to start and we had to leave. That is what we did on Tuesday with Mr. Munro and the amazing STEM teachers Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Shwirtz.




May 20

Energy Saving Results Are In!

The final Resource Wise results are in . . . we reduced our energy use by an average of 3.6% per month, saving 5,830 kilowatt hours and earning $583 for our school! That brings our total for the past two years to saving 10,895 kilowatt hours and earning $1,309. Thank you everyone! Money we earned may be spent on any sustainability efforts for our school — if you have ideas about how we should spend our earnings, please let Mrs. Keener or Mrs. Potter know

Also, teachers completed an energy survey and we learned that about 65% of staff and students changed their energy conservation habits because of the Resource Wise program. Turning off lights and using natural light was the easiest energy-saving habit, and turning off powerstrips at the end of the day was the most difficult. Thank you teachers for filling out this survey as your feedback is important and helps us plan for next year!
Congratulations to all Energy Eagles for their hard work and dedication to our program! Without your efforts, we could not have saved as much energy as we did! We look forward to next year as we continue to grow our conservation program through working on our schoolyard gardens, improving the air quality in our school by providing plants in all school rooms, setting a goal to reduce our paper waste by 25%, and making our cafeteria more sustainable. See you all in August to begin work on these important tasks!

Apr 06

Mike Munro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a very special guest on Tuesday, Mike Munro!!!! We are very excited to be able to meet Mr. Munro!!

At the beginning of the morning Mr. Munro was talking to us about how he controls the heat and then we got to ask him some questions about his job at the school district and how he controls the heat.

Then we looked at the e-gauge and we were talking about how the energy we use and how the lights we are using making the e-gauge move. If we all turned off our lights the e-gauge would drop. Then we turned off our roof top unit and we saw the e-gauge really drop! Then we saw the e-gauge go up so much. That was one of the portables.

Nest he showed us a newer room on his iPad and that controller also showed the CO2 we had in that part of the building which was at Blue Mountain. 

We were so inspired that we are doing a CO2 project and hoping that all teachers will have plants in their classrooms!



Feb 28

See What Our Classrooms Are Doing…

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