SVVSD Local Scholarships


All 2017 Local SVVSD Scholarships are available on Naviance (ie: SVVSD Local and scholarship name). The information listed below includes the List 1 and List 2 scholarship information.

Please see your counselor for questions!

Here’s how the local scholarships work: 2016 Local Scholarships (video)

(The video is for the last year, however the information/process is the same)

There are two lists (I and II).

List I: you fill out ONLY the one application, which works for all the scholarships on List I. If you are applying for more than one scholarship from List I, you must make a copy of the application for every scholarship for which you are applying.

List II: the scholarships on List II have separate applications. You must check deadlines and where you turn the application in. Some applications are turned into your home high school, some are sent directly to the organization. This is very important and it’s your job to do it right.

List I Application: 2017 List I Application

List I Scholarships and their requirements: 2017 List I Scholarships and Requirements

List II Scholarships (must use each scholarship’s own application) and their requirements: 2017 List II Separate Apps Scholarship and Requirements

All Longmont Community Foundation Scholarships must be accessed online only. These scholarships are: St. Vrain Valley Community Service Award, Madeline Marie Molzahn Sherrod Memorial Scholarship, Philip McClelland Scholarship, and the Catherine Owen Scholarship.