Letters of Recommendation

When asking for letters of recommendations please give the writer enough time to write a great letter. Letters of recommendation should be from teachers, employers, or community members that know you well. You will want to ask for at least two letters from teachers who can speak about your academic ability and give good examples of the things they are writing about in your letter. If you are going into a specific field of study (for example science), it would be a good idea to have a letter from a teacher of that subject (a science teacher).

Things you should do to ask for letters of recommendation:

1. Write a short letter to the person you are asking, you could share a memory of something that stood out to you in their class, or how they have personally impacted you as a student. In your letter you should include the date you need your letters of recommendation by as well as a resume that can help them. You should also include the schools/scholarships/jobs you are applying to to give the teacher as much information as possible.

2. Please ask the teacher in person and hand them the “letter of ask” you wrote. Remember most teachers will be emailed a link to upload your letter directly to the school. Do not provide a teachers email address until after you have talked with the teacher and given them your letter of ask.

3. Write a Thank You note to the people who wrote you a letter of recommendation. They did not have to write you a letter and they took time out of their busy schedule to write a letter for you. Please show them you appreciate the effort and thank them.


Naviance and Letters of Recommendation

You can request teacher letters of recommendation through Naviance. Click on the “colleges” tab in Naviance and click on “letters” of recommendation” link. This will bring you to a page where you can add teachers and request letters of recommendation. If you need help of have questions, please see your counselor.


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