SVVSD Graduation and College Entrance Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The list below is a simplified view of SVVSD graduation requirements. Board of Education policy IKF defines the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to receive a diploma from the school district.

Subject                                                   Credits
English                                                     4.0
Math                                                         3.0
Science                                                     3.0
World History/Geography                    1.0
US History                                               1.0
US/CO Government                              1.0
Physical Education                                 2.0
Health                                                      0.5
Practical Arts                                          0.5
Fine Arts                                                  0.5
Electives                                                  8.0
TOTAL CREDITS                                       24.5

IB Diploma Requirements

  • IB Students must meet all SVVSD graduation requirements with the exception of US/CO Government.
  • Additionally, IB students must complete an IB level 4 world language.
  • IB Students must complete at least three Higher Level classes and three Standard Level classes.
  • IB Students must complete a  Theory of Knowledge class during the spring of their junior year AND the fall of their senior year.
  • IB Students must also complete their Extended Essay, CAS requirements and receive qualifying scores on their IB Examinations.

College Entrance Requirements

  • Students that wish to go to a 4-year public college or university in Colorado must meet the Higher Education Admission Requirements set by The Colorado Commission on Higher Education. In addition to these requirements, students must also meet the Admission Eligibility Index.
  • Many colleges have additional or different admissions requirements. Always check the websites of the colleges you are considering for admission requirements.

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