ACT & SAT Testing

ACT and SAT Testing Information

Standardized testing is an important aspect of college admissions for the majority of colleges and universities around the world.

All Niwot High Juniors, and all juniors throughout the State of Colorado, are required to take the SAT in April of each year. There is no fee for this test.  Counselors will register all juniors for this test at school.

Click here for the SVVSD “SAT Challenge” page that includes helpful information and resources.

While the State SAT is accepted by all public colleges and universities in Colorado, it is highly recommended that students take the National SAT with Writing, both for admissions requirements for in-state private and for out-of-state public and private colleges and universities. Taking an SAT or ACT a second or third time is also as a chance to improve scores. Some students choose to take both the ACT and the SAT, but both are widely accepted at most, if not all, colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Students register for the National SAT, SAT 2 and all ACT tests on their own. A limited number of registration fee waivers are provided by SAT and ACT.  See your Counselor for more information.

Students should review all testing requirements for specific colleges and universities directly on  the official college websites. As well, all dates for testing and registration should viewed only on the official SAT and ACT websites, not third party websites.

Click on the links for SAT and ACT DATES and REGISTRATION

For more information on the ACT and SAT, please choose from the following resources:

SAT – Official website

ACT  – Official website

Tips For Designing Your Testing Timeline

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What’s the new SAT (the unofficial word) ?

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How Colleges Use Admissions Tests

Are there colleges or universities that don’t consider testing as part of admissions?

Testing Accommodations: Some students, such as those with diagnosed and documented disabilities, or those with 504 Plans, Special Education IEP’s, Health Plans, and other individual cases, may apply for testing accommodations for any standardized test given at Niwot High School.  Accommodations for the State ACT are managed by the Niwot Counseling and Special Education Departments.  For the National ACT, the SAT, PSAT and AP Exams, students and families work in conjunction with their Niwot High School Counselor to apply for accommodations. Follow the links for information on ACT Accommodations and PSAT/SAT and AP Accommodations.


The PSAT/NMSQT will be held at Niwot High School in the Fall.  The PSAT is an optional test and will be available to all juniors. It will be available to sophomores on a space available basis. Click here for more information on the PSAT/NMSQT.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Dates

Click here for more information about AP Exam Dates and FAQs

Test Preparation Resources:  The market for online and site-based, local test preparation is large and varied.  To help you decide on what type of test preparation you might choose, we recommend that you talk to other students, friends and neighbors regarding their experience.  As a means to narrowing down your choices, take a look at this helpful article.

Online Test Prep Resources (just a sampling) : 

Shmoop: Your FREE online resource for ACT, SAT and AP Test Prep provided by SVVSD

Official ACT Test Prep

Official SAT Test Prep

Official SAT Test Prep in conjunction with Kahn Academy

College in Colorado

Prep Factory

Local Test Prep Resources:

College Insights

Longmont Tutoring Club (Free ACT Practice Tests! Monthly dates – see website)

Tutor Doctor

Dream Catchers


Princeton Review


Doorway to College


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