New Educator Induction
Process Timeline 2016-2017

New Teacher Orientation – August 8, 9 and 10, Silver Creek High School

  • Ongoing support from assigned mentor or coach throughout the year
  • Completion of end of year survey – April 2017
  • Submit induction checklist with all required artifacts by April 28, 2017
  • Certificates showing that you have completed induction are sent out in August.  Please contact Jean Jennings ( if you have questions about your certificate.

Counselor Checklist – (for counselors new to the St. Vrain Valley School District)

Experienced Teacher Checklist – (for teachers who have successfully completed 3 or more full years of K-12 teaching in the United States)

Interventionist/Social Worker Checklist

Novice 1 (Regular Ed.) Teacher Checklist  (for teachers beginning their first year of teaching in the United States (Novice 1), regular ed. only, does not include SPED, Counselors or Preschool)

Novice 2 Teacher Checklist – (for teachers with 1 or 2 years of experience)

PIE Teacher Checklist – (for novice teachers enrolled in the Master’s of Education program at the University of Colorado, Boulder)

SPED Novice Teacher Checklist – (for special educators with less than 3 years of experience in the United States)

SPED Experienced Teacher Checklist – (for special educators with 3+ years of experience in the United States)

SPED Specialists Checklist (SLP, OT, PT, TVI and DHH)

Moving from an Initial License to a Professional License

Questions about induction?  E-mail Linda Lang @