Where is the best place to look for Scholarships?

This is a common question that high school seniors and their parents ask.  The Silver Creek Counseling Department has compiled some basic information below that may be helpful as you navigate this complex process.

The scholarships that we recommend for most students typically fall into three different categories:  (1) Global, (2) Institutional / University-Specific, and (3) Local.

(1) Global Scholarships 

(2) Institutional / University Specific Scholarships 

(3) Local Scholarships
Over 40 local organizations are offering scholarships to 12th graders in the St. Vrain Valley School District. We strongly encourage college bound students to apply for these local scholarships, as they have a small pool of applicants, thus increasing their chances of earning an award.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Watch  this instructional screen-cast.
  2. Download  this informational packet, study it, determine your eligibility for each scholarship and make a short list of scholarships you will apply to.
  3. Visit Naviance to access and download applications (instructions in the screencast).
  4. Complete applications and gather all needed documents to complete the application packet.  *Transcripts can be downloaded and printed by students (Infinite Campus—>Reports—>Unofficial Transcript)
  5. Submit your application by the deadline!  Read the informational packet carefully, each scholarship is unique in how they are to be submitted.  Most have a 2/28 deadline, but some have an alternative date.

As always, come see your Counselor if you need help applying for local scholarships!  Good luck Seniors!

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Other Scholarship Search Engines:
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