A scholarship is a monetary award given to a student who meets certain criteria. These criteria vary by scholarship. Scholarship money does not need to be repaid.

2016/17 Scholarship Presentation – For students and parents

2016/17 Scholarship Resource Guide – Informative guide and links to funding for college.

Scholarships on Naviance: The SVVSD Local Scholarships are posted on Naviance, as well as the Sallie Mae National Scholarship Search engine. Both can be found on the “Colleges” tab, under “Scholarships & Money”. Instructions to log into Naviance can be found here.

Where is the best place to look for Scholarships?

This is a common question that high school seniors and their parents ask.  The Silver Creek Counseling Department has compiled some basic information below that may be helpful as you navigate this complex process.

The scholarships that we recommend for most students typically fall into three different categories:  (1) Global, (2) Institutional / University-Specific, and (3)Local.

(1) Global Scholarships 

(2) Institutional / University Specific Scholarships 

(3) Local Scholarships
These are scholarships that are available in our area, or within the state.

SVVSD Local Scholarships
These are only available to St. Vrain Valley School District students.  Thus the competition pool is smaller which enhances a student’s chances for success.

To access the 2017 SVVSD Local Scholarships, two lists are available:

LIST 1 – The scholarships on this list use a common application. Refer to the list for each scholarship’s requirements. Individual scholarship requirements are also available on Naviance.

LIST 2 – The scholarships on this list each have separate applications. The list includes all of these scholarships opportunities and their individual requirements. The individual applications must be accessed on Naviance.

SVVSD Local Scholarships Instructional Video

Elite Scholarship Opportunities

Other Scholarship Search Engines:
College Board
College in Colorado