The 12 Days ’til Finals – Day 3

On the third day of finals my counselor gave to me…

A different option for graduation.

Seniors: if you are in danger of not graduating in May because you aren’t passing your current classes, you must meet with your counselor ASAP. Let’s get you enrolled in credit recovery or have you speak with a counselor at Olde Columbine, St. Vrain Online Global Academy, or Adult Ed. Not earning your high school diploma is not an option.

The Finals Schedule

Here it is ladies and gentlemen: the finals schedule. I know you are all bouncing around with joy and excitement. Try to push all that positive energy into studying and kicking finals butt.

Wednesday, Dec. 14

7:45 – 9:16 = 1st hour

9:23 – 10:54 = 2nd hour

11:01 – 12:32 = 3rd hour

Thursday, Dec. 15

7:45 – 9:16 = 5th hour

9:23 – 10:54 = 6th hour

11:01 – 12:32 = 7th hour

Friday, Dec. 16

7:45 – 9:16 = 4th hour

9:23 – 10:54 = 8th hour

11:01 – 12:32 = Makeups

Practice ACT – it’s coming for you…

Today the counseling department offered a free ACT Study Tips session for all of our juniors. Students were able to learn test-taking strategies and how to do well on the exam. What’s even better for our junior Falcons is that we’ll be offering a FREE (you read that right ladies and gentlemen) ACT practice test on Wed. Dec. 7. All juniors will have the opportunity to take a full-length exam – what a screamin’ deal, eh? SHS is committed to making sure our students do well on this exam, and the more often a student takes the test, the better they do.

Come by the counseling officeto pick up a test-taking strategy handout and ask your counselor for details on the Dec. 7 test (don’t forget this is a late start day, but we still want you there at 7:45).

Sophomores: The PLAN test is here

The PLAN test, a pre-ACT, will be given this Saturday, Nov. 12. The test is approximately 3.5 hours long and students need to enter through the athletic doors at 7:45 Saturday morning.

This test gives students great information on careers and interests, in addition to helping students understand what the ACT will be like their junior year.

Sign up in the counseling office. The cost is $15.00.

SAM is back!

The counseling department is dancing with joy. The much-loved credit recovery program for seniors is back at Adult Ed after a 12 week hiatus.

For all you seniors out there who need to make up a class or two, go visit your counselor to get paperwork for the Senior Alternative Makeup Program (SAM) at Adult Education. All students need to attend a one hour orientation with a parent or guardian before they can enroll. The first orientation is Wed., Nov. 9.

Check with your counselor to get the SAM paperwork.