Scholarships from Mesa

From Mesa:
Students are considered for merit scholarships based on a combination of any two of the following: class rank, GPA, and ACT/SAT scores. All awards are available for a maximum of 120 credit hours. No separate application is necessary; students are automatically granted this award.  I know you all have at least 5-10 students who would fall into the Distinguished Scholars (Full Tuition and Fees for all four years). Please relay this on to your students whom will qualify for such a high academic award.

ACT/SAT GPA Class Rank Scholarship Award Amount
29/1280+ 3.75 Top 5% Distinguished Scholars (In-State) Colorado resident tuition and student fees
27/1200 3.5 Top 10% Trustee Scholarship $3,000
25/1120 3.5 Top 15% Presidential Scholarship $2,500
22/1040 3.2 Top 20% Achievement Award $1,000

*Students considered for any Merit Scholarship must meet the following individual test score minimums, even if test scores are not one of the two criteria utilized for award: ACT English 18; ACT math 19; ACT reading/social science 17; or SAT math 460; SAT verbal/reading 440; SAT writing 430.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!

Julie Baumgartner l Admissions Counselor

Colorado Mesa University

Interested in the Air Force Academy?

If you are interested in attending the Air Force Academy, here is some great information for you about the process. This is information directly from the Academy:

Junior year is when the Academy application process truly begins. Students will start by filling out the Pre-Candidate Questionnaire, which becomes available online March 1 every year.

Students must submit their Pre-Candidate Questionnaire online between March 1 of their junior year and December 31 of their senior year.

Between March 1 of their junior year andDecember 31 of their senior year, students must also request nominations from a designated nomination category.

If a student is interested in seeing what life at the Academy is really like, they should consider applying to our Summer Seminar program. Designed for high school juniors during the summer before their senior year, this program is highly competitive with a limited number of spaces available.

With competition for admission to the Academy being extremely high, your student’s college application strategy should include a backup plan. We recommend students select a number of colleges in addition to the Academy and pursue their interest in the Air Force by submitting an application for an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Your school’s U.S. Air Force Academy Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) can provide information on both.

The Nomination Process

An essential part of any student’s application to a Service Academy is the formal “nomination” process.  The number of cadets at each Academy is congressionally mandated, and the formal nomination process is designed to ensure equal representation for each congressional district.  Every U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative may have up to five cadets in attendance at each Service Academy at any given time.

Once a student becomes a “candidate”, their essential next step is to research the nomination process in their district and state, as rules and timelines vary, and then apply for a nomination in every category in which they are eligible.

The three main nomination categories are as follows:

Congressional Nominations

  • Each candidate should apply to both their state’s U.S. Senators and their individual U.S. Representative, by district.  At a minimum, every candidate has the opportunity to earn a Congressional nomination from three different offices.

Vice Presidential Nominations

  • Each candidate may also apply for a Vice Presidential nomination, as the Vice President may also have up to five cadets in attendance at each Service Academy at any given time.  These nominations are highly competitive as they are available to all candidates nationwide.

Presidential Nominations

  • Those candidates whose parents have served in the Active Duty military for at least 8 years, have accrued at least 2,880 Reserve points, or are retired from military service, may apply for a Presidential nomination.  These nominations are handled by the Admissions office at each Service Academy and are available to all qualifying candidates nationwide.

There are also a few additional, but less common, categories, which candidates should research in their “Candidate Kit” to see if they are eligible.

Once a student has determined the categories in which they are eligible, they should visit the website of each Congressional member to determine exact requirements and timeline.  Most offices require an official letter as well as an interview, and deadlines range from late September to early November.

The bottom line is that without a formal nomination, a candidate cannot receive an appointment to a Service Academy.  Please encourage your students to begin this process early, call their congressional offices and introduce themselves, attend congressionally sponsored “Academy Days” when possible, and contact their Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) with any questions.

Upcoming Deadlines

Congressional Nomination Applications                  31 Oct*

Early Action Eligibility for Admission                        1 Nov

Pre-Candidate Questionnaire                                    31 Dec

Academy Application (not early eligibility)              31 Jan

Latest Test Dates for SAT/ACT                                      Feb

Click here for all the application steps and a link to a smart phone app checklist.

*Every Congressional representative may have a different deadline.  While 31 Oct is a common deadline, please check with your local representative, as it may be sooner.

Find Your Local Academy Expert: You have a local Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) to answer all your questions.  Click here to find him or her. 

Music Open House at CU Denver

Hi friends, especially my VPA friends! I have a great opportunity for students interested in the music and entertainment industry. CU Denver is hosting an Open House on Halloween – come meet teachers, and students in the program. Sign up by this Sunday, October 26th for your slot.

iThrive Drug and Alcohol Classes


 iTHRIVE is an early intervention program for teens 12-17 years of age that are struggling with alcohol or drug use.  It’s also a program that works closely with the parents/guardians of the participating teens.

 There are 6 meetings in a session.  An intake must take place before enrolling for a 6 week session. Each evening begins at 6:00 pm and goes until 8:00 pm.

The teens will be in a group led by Dr. Alexis Saccoman, a doctor of psychology with years of experience in the substance abuse arena for youth and families.  In the teen sessions, youth will receive skills needed to understand why they use, what their triggers are, and how to stop the use.  It is a safe and supportive arena in which to listen, share and learn.

While the teens meet, the parents/guardians meet separately with Leon Bartholomay, CAC III counselor with many years of experience in the addiction field with teens and families.  The parents will learn new skills around the effects of substances on the developing brain, communication skills, how to set boundaries and get support from other parents who are experiencing the same thing.

The cost of the 6 week session is on a sliding fee scale depending on family yearly gross income, (please call for fee).

TO REGISTER call us at 303-776-8184 to schedule an intake with both the teen and the parent/guardian.  If you are with Boulder Valley School District complete the Google doc form.

To learn more about iTHRIVE, visit our website at or call us at 303-776-8184.

Are you ready for spring FRCC classes?

Hello Falcons! While it’s only October 15, it’s time to start planning for your spring 2015 Front Range Community College classes. If you’re interested in taking one of the six classes we’re offering (dang, that’s a lot of opportunity for you!) you need to complete the new ONLINE application. Here’s the link (hint, it’s on the Concurrent Enrollment page of this very blog).

If you haven’t taken/passed the Accuplacer exam, we’re offering it on Thursday, October 23rd during 6th and 7th period. Any junior or senior is welcome to take the exam to be eligible for spring classes. Sign up with Lavonne in the Counseling office.

Finally, all signed Concurrent Enrollment forms are due to ME (Maura) in the Counseling office on Halloween. Come show me you’re (school-appropriate) costume and hand in your form. I’ll give you a treat!

National College Fair is coming to Denver

The Denver National College Fair will be at the Colorado Convention Center on Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  This is a great opportunity for you to meet with college representatives from all over the country to find out more about colleges that might interest you.  There will be over 250 colleges from across the United States and three workshops entitled:  College Awareness and Planning, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and Writing Great College Essays.  Register for this free fair at

Please be aware that it is a busy day at the Convention Center on October 18th so you may want to consider carpooling, taking the light rail, or the Denver National College Fair is also providing complimentary charter buses to and from the Convention Center from the following locations from 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.:  Denver School of Science & Technology, Green Valley Ranch 4800 Telluride St., Denver 80249, Denver East High School 1600 City Park Esplanade, Denver 80206, Denver South High School 1700 E. Louisiana Ave., Denver 80210, Abraham Lincoln High School 2285 S. Federal Blvd., Denver 80219


Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet with colleges from all over the country!