Front Range Classes (Concurrent Enrollment)

Classes offered 2017-2018

Fall 2017                                        Spring 2018          

English 121 (ENG 121)                Public Speaking (COM 115)

 Fall/Spring 2017-2018

Please read everything! FRCC CE Instructions 2017-18

The forms below are in the order of due dates.

1. Create an account and apply to FRCC write down your “S” number.

Apply here

2. School Year 2017/2018 Concurrent Enrollment Application: SVVSD Concurrent Enrollment

  • ENG 121: English Composition I (English credit): Tuesday/Thursday class (Fall 2017)
  • COM 115: Public Speaking (English credit) Monday/Wednesday class (Spring 2018)

3. You will be registering for your FRCC class through your eWolf account later. You will be notified.

For more information on SVVSD’s Concurrent Enrollment program, please check out the SVVSD Curriculum page.



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