Skyline-Only Scholarships – Apply Now!

Happy Money Monday Falcons. I’m giving you the gift of money. Well, to be clear I’m giving you the gift of the opportunity to earn money with your own hard work, grit and winning personalities.

Here are two Skyline-only scholarships. That’s right. Just for Y-O-U.

2016 Evelyn C Elder Scholarship Application-1 – Due 2/29/2016

Ameritino Foundation – Due 2/29/2016

The Skyline Education Foundation Scholarship will be available on Wednesday!

King GM Scholarship

Falcons there is STILL more money to be earned for your college dreams. Check out the King GM Scholarship.

Here are the requirements/due dates etc:

1. Essay (this is their most important criteria) explaining why you deserve the King GM Scholarship. A great essay to use would be the Skyline Education Foundation Scholarship essay prompt: tell them about yourself; tell them about your story – any extenuating circumstances, your post-secondary plans (work, college, etc), and your goals for your life.

2. GPA: 3.50 cumulative GPA

3. At least one extra-curricular activity

4. DUE DATE: Friday, March 29, 2015 – bring your paperwork to Maura in the Counseling office.

Good luck Falcons! King GM would like to award at least one $500 scholarship for every SVVSD student, and one lucky winner has the potential to earn another $2,500. Come see me (Maura) if you have any questions.


Lady Falcons, here is a great college info session for you

Calling all of the SHS Lady Falcons! We have an opportunity for you and your mom (aunt, grandma, favorite cousin) to learn about college with expert advice. You and your leading lady can attend the From Nest to Wings college conference. It is designed for sophomores through seniors to get help with scholarships, college searches and more.

The event is Saturday, March 7 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the IBMC Building, 2315 Main Street. You can register online to get your spot.