Skyline-Only Scholarships – Apply Now!

Happy Money Monday Falcons. I’m giving you the gift of money. Well, to be clear I’m giving you the gift of the opportunity to earn money with your own hard work, grit and winning personalities.

Here are two Skyline-only scholarships. That’s right. Just for Y-O-U.

2016 Evelyn C Elder Scholarship Application-1 – Due 2/29/2016

Ameritino Foundation – Due 2/29/2016

The Skyline Education Foundation Scholarship will be available on Wednesday!

You thought the Local Scholarships were a hot ticket…

… just wait until you apply for the Skyline Education Foundation scholarship. It’s only for Skyline seniors – that narrows the competition field to just 300 of your peers. The odds are good you could win. 

I’ve placed the application here: SEF Scholarship Form, but I’ve also put it on the Scholarships page under the February 26 due date.