Work Study Program

Many high school students need the experience of working before leaving high school. This experience can be unrelated to vocational programs or career training; students need to accomplish this experience within the curriculum.

The easiest and most effective way of handling this is to give high school students credit for work experience. Since this work experience is extremely valuable to some students whose families are encountering economic difficulties, or for those students who are considering dropping out of school, it appears that there is a need for a work study program.

PURPOSE: To provide an alternative program for students who need to work or who are contemplating dropping out of school. The following guidelines are in effect:

  1. Juniors or Seniors interested in this program will obtain an application. Freshman and sophomores are not eligible.
  2. A student accepted in the program will have to be enrolled in some regular classes at Skyline High School for a portion of the school day.
  3. A student accepted in the Work Study Program could earn a maximum of .5 credit per semester.
  4. A student in the Work Study Program would have to work  a minimum of 15 hours per week for 18 weeks at the end of each semester.
  5. Only two (2) credits will be accepted toward graduation.
  6. The stu dent’s employer would have to agree to submit  a progress evaluation to Skyline High School officials every 18 weeks at the end of each semester.
  7. If a student in the program loses his/her job sometime during the semester, he/she must notify a counselor and reapply for work credit, if reemployed.
  8. The work study credit would count only a selective credit, so a student would have to take the required courses plus the additional electives in order to meet the 24.5 credits required for graduation.
  9. Grading is on a pass/fail basis.

10. A student is ineligible for this program if he/she is enrolled in a regular work study program through the Career Development Center.

Online Application Instructions (Video)

Work Study Application – complete this at the beginning of semester and email it to your counselor

Work Study Evaluation – print this form, have your employer complete at the end of semester, bring form back to Mrs. LaVonne Stewart in Counseling office. If you do not bring this back your final grade for Work Study will be an F.