Student Services

830 S. Lincoln Street
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-772-7700
Fax: 303-651-3066 or 303-702-7800

Executive Director of Special Education 

Laura Hess
303-702-7842 x57842

Nicole Broduer (Secretary to Laura Hess)
303-702-7817 x57817

Area Coordinators

Erica Bowman
303-702-7860 x57860

Laura Gold
303-702-7858 x57858

Kate Rodriguez
303-702-7872 x57824

Emily Scott
303-702-7847 x57847

For Protocols, Assessment Materials and Records Requests Contact:

Kelly Dotson
303-702-7880 x57880

For Enrich/IEP Assistance Contact:

David Mackey
303-702-7828 x57828

Deb Puccetti
303-702-7806 x57806

Kelly Preston
303-702-7823 x57823