Welcome to our St. Vrain Special Education Instructional Coaching site!

Who are your Instructional Coaches?

  • Dana Curton, Math Instructional Coach, Frederick, Mead and Lyons Feeders
  • Gina Trujillo, Literacy Instructional Coach, Longmont and Niwot Feeders
  • Trude Burnett, Significant Support Needs Instructional Coach, Sklyine and Silver Creek Feeders
  • Robyn Klein, Behavior Instructional Coach, Erie Feeders
  • Nora Curtin, Behavior Instructional Coach

As Special Education Instructional Coaches, we will provide new teachers professional growth experiences, extensive support and on-going guidance.  We will also act as a Special Education Coaching partner, offering coaching and collaboration throughout the school year.

We are happy to be a collaborative partner with any Special Education teacher, and provide ongoing support for professional development, intensive student intervention and instructional coaching.

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Professional Development facilitated by your SpEd ICs: 

Please save the following dates on your calendar for next school year. Go to the Office of Professional Development to sign up for professional development courses being offered by your SpEd ICs and other trainings offered by professionals all over the district.

St. Vrain Office of Professional Development

Special Education Resource Site


We are very excited about this new framework for the support of special educators. We look forward to partnering with all of you as we work together to increase student achievement district-wide.