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How can you help your struggling writers and readers using Google apps, extensions and add ons?

Get to know your Google Drive and Apps using this comprehensive Google site by Kasey Bell.

Shake up Learning

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.25.16 AM

Google’s new Template view available in Google Docs. 

What features or Extensions could be most helpful for your struggling writers and Readers?

Google Read/Write– Free for teachers and AT Referral for students

Clearly by Evernote

Too Long, Didn’t Read

Within Google Doc:

Revision history– Great way to recover older file and collaborate on Google Doc. Also, teachers can see student progress as he/she drafts writing product in Google Drive.

Research Sidebar– Great way to include a research sidebar for students writing about an informational topic. Pictures, graphics, etc. will be pulled up in the research window and can be dragged and dropped into the doc. The citations will be automatically included in the footnote.

Voice Typing– Can be used to dictate into a document in order to draft the entire writing product or for brainstorming.

New Google Drive Features – This aricle outlines new features in Google Drive.

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