Chrome & iOS Accessibility Features for Reading and Writing

Chrome & iOS Accessibility for Reading and Writing 

How to Guide, By Tara Mason

Chrome Overview

Chrome is a web browser that can be used on any laptop, Chromebook or iOS device. If you do not have Chrome, download it here:

Computer download:

iOS download:

Important to remember when using Chrome:

  1. Make sure you are logged in
 2. Keep it updated
3.  If you are having issues with an extension or function, try “un-enabling and re-enabling” to reboot it using Chrome settings.


Accessibility Extensions and Features:

  1. Writing
    1. Voice Typing @ Tools<VoiceTyping
    2. Read and Write Google @
    3. Don Johnston’s Co-Writer extension @
    4. Google Templates- Go to file<new<from template
    5. Google Slides
    6. Google Forms for writing with Autocrat @ (Example Google Form:

2. Reading

    1. Read and Write Google @
    2. Clearly from Evernote @
    3. Screenshot Reader with Read and Write @
    4. Don Johnston’s Snap and Read @
    5. Speak IT @

3. Learning

    1. Google Docs- Comments @ Insert<Comments
    2. Google Docs- Research tab @ Tools<Research or Tools<Define
    3. Google Slides- Research, UDL writing, and presentations
    4. Lucidcharts Diagrams @ Add-ons
    5. Gliffy Diagrams @ Add-ons

4. Organization

    1. Google Drive – organize folders
    2. Extensify- an extension for managing extensions @

5. Accessibility

    1. Chrome Accessibility help guide @


iOS Accessibility for Reading and Writing 

  1. Reading
    • In Settings<Accessibility<Vision<“Turn on” Speech
    • Under Speech, turn on Speak Screen and Speak Window
    • Turn on Highlight Content and Read Autocorrections
    • Two ways to use this feature: finger tap and hold on the screen will highlight a paragraph or sentence and the option to speak it will be presented OR two finger swipe down from top of the screen will speak all contents on the screen
    • Also, in Safari, on the URL toolbar, when Reader View is available it will declutter and adjust the font size of website reading material. The button on left hand side of URL window.
  2. Writing
    • On Keyboard, bottom left hand side, a mic is available for dictation within any application where typing is possible.
    • Siri can be used with a press and hold of the home button. Siri can be commanded using dictation to navigate iPad apps, take notes, etc.
    • iOS Keyboard accessibility features are universally available on any iOS device. Features include: word prediction, dictation, grammar autocorrect, auto capitalization and shortcuts (combination of letters can be saved in settings<keyboards<shortcuts so when typed together the entire phrase is typed, i.e. LOL typed would automatically spell out Laugh out loud).
    • Touch Accommodations, settings<accessibility<touch accommodations will adjust the sensitivity of touch screen activation when typing, selecting icons, etc. If a student needs more “hold” time when typing, touch accommodations can be turned on to have a 1+ second touch required when selecting a letter or app.
    • Keyboards can be added to iPad to accommodate unique writing needs; a few are listed below. To add a new keyboard or enable its’ full features after downloaded, go to settings<general<keyboard<keyboards>add a keyboard (download keyboards in iOS store)
      • Wordboard (free)- “Hate typing the same thing over and over, one key at a time? Personalize and pre-program your keyboard with WordBoard. Now you can control what the keys input and save time typing.”
      • Keeble keyboard (paid)- “allows users with fine motor-challenges, switch users and users with vision impairments to type in any app. The keyboard offers word prediction, timing options, Select on Release, Select on Dwell, auditory feedback, and other accessibility features.”
      • Read and Write Google Keyboard- includes word prediction, dictionary support, and toolbar for Safari. This keyboard’s premium features are used in conjunction with Chrome’s Read and Write Google (free for teachers and paid student subscriptions).