Induction Program

Induction Program in St. Vrain for Special Education Professionals

The following framework will be used for instructional coaching within special education:

  1. New Hires РNovice 1/Novice 2: Novice 1 teachers have no teaching experience. Novice 2 special education teachers have less than two years of experience. These two groups of teachers are required to receive 16 hours of coaching from a Special Education Instructional Coach plus an additional 8 hours of peer mentoring from a veteran teacher. Total: 24 Hours
  2. New Hire – Experienced: Experienced special education teachers are going into their third year of teaching or more and are new to SVVSD are required to receive 8 hours with a Coaching Partner. Total: 8 Hours
  3. Current SVVSD Special Education Teachers: Novice 2 teachers with two years of teaching experience and veteran teachers already working in the district may elect to receive 8 hours from a Coaching Partner, who would be one of the Special Education Instructional Coaches. Total: 8 Hours

Special Education Peer Mentor Commitment Letter 15-16

Special Education Instructional Mentor Commitment Letter 15-16

SPED Specialists Induction Requirements Novice 1 _ 2 15-16

SPED Novice 2 Induction Requirements, 15-16

SPED Experienced Teacher Induction Requirements, 15-16

SPED Novice 1 Induction Requirements, 15-16

SPED Specialists Induction Requirements Exp. 15-16

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