St. Vrain Student Intervention Support Services by your SpEd ICs:

Most of you know the Instructional Coaches as interventionists. While the framework around intervention is changing, you will still have access to intervention support through a simple referral process, which will allow us to better manage, and serve your intervention needs.

Please complete one of these forms online to ensure a speedy consultation by your SpEd IC.

Writing Support Request

Communication Support Request

Reading Support Request

Mathematics Support Request

If you have a request regarding assistive technology or communication please visit the Assistive Technology Blog.

Our intervention process is typically a three-part system. We will see your online referral come in once you hit the “submit” button. Make sure you check your e-mail and confirm you received a copy of your intervention referral.

After you complete the referral we will…

1. Contact you within the week to set up our initial meeting;

2. In our initial meeting, we will observe your student and/or work with you to facilitate an appropriate referral assessment to learn about your student’s needs;

3. We will draft a plan for intervention and send to you within the week of our initial meeting;

4. A second meeting will be scheduled within two weeks of our first to check in on the implementation plan;

5. A third meeting will be scheduled to ensure a progress-monitoring plan is in place.