Alternative Curriculum & Resources for Students with

Significant Support Needs   Grades K – Age 21

These resources are appropriate for students whose educational programs include Extended Evidence Outcomes to guide curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Program Statement & Mission

     In St. Vrain’s Special Education programming, our mission is to provide data-driven and instructionally appropriate IEP goal support for students with Significant Support Needs that will help lead to fulfilling lives of independence and meaning as our students transition to their post-secondary goals. We believe, it is never too early, it’s never too late to begin the journey to independence.

District Curriculum for SSN

  • Life Centered Education (LCE) Transition Curriculum (6-LSACE)
  • Rethink Curriculum
  • Accessible Literacy Learning Program (ALL)
  • Edmark Reading Program
  • *Extra curriculum supports available by request, such as Flocabulary, Clicker 6 and Crick apps

District Assessments for SSN

  • TenSigma
  • ReThink
  • Life Centered Education (LCE) (6-LSACE)
    • Competency Rating Scale
    • Knowledge Battery
    • Performance Battery
  • Assessment of Basic Language & Learning Skills – Revised (ABLLS-R)

Statewide Standardized Testing for SSN (Spring)

Standards to be followed for students with Significant Support Needs

Colorado Department of Education-SSN

SSN support request