What is Transition?

From the Colorado Department of Education’s Transition Planning guide, transition is a process designed to plan for life after graduation, through identifying dreams, goals, instructional needs and supports is beneficial for all students regardless of the extent or type of disability. IDEA requires that transition planning be included in the IEP, for every student receiving special education services, beginning no later than the age of 14 or earlier when appropriate.

“Good transition planning can start at any age. It is recommended that transition planning begin no later than 8th grade. In Colorado, as a result of inter-agency agreements, the state is committed to a development process for transition that fits the uniqueness of each local community in the state.”

An effective transition planning process involves: student, parent, school, community and service providers. This planning:

  • Facilitates communication
  • Develops a planning process that outlines a clear path for students from being in school to adult life
  • Includes features in school curriculum that address transition components such as, applied academics, career development and daily living skills
  • Utilizes transition assessments that aid in determining student need
  • Includes referral systems and aids in communication so students can more easily access agency supports
  • Successfully utilizes available resources across agencies
  • Creates networking opportunities and expertise across agencies
  • Provides support systems for professionals, families and students through the transition planning process

Please see some resources for suggested transition inventories and questionnaires teams can use to help evaluate student transition knowledge and skills.

St Vrain’s Life Skills ACE Program and SWAP Program Information:

Main Street School

St. Vrain’s Transition Assessment and Planning Guides

Main Street’s Life Skills ACE Program Parent Handbook 

Comprehensive Transition Assessment Resource, helping you choose an inventory or survey dependent on student needs. 

Transition Matrix

Parent and Teacher Resources: 

Person-Centered Planning

Parent to Parent

Peak Parent Center

Department of Higher Education in Colorado (HEAR)

Medicaid Waiver Information 

Transition Coalition

Information about Individual Career and Academic Planning (iCAP)

Example Transition Survey and Inventories to be used in team planning

Assessment of Financial Skills-1

Assistive Technology Protocol for Transition

AT Goal Setting Worksheet

Career Clusters Interest Survey

Community Based Assessment

Independent Living Assessment

Let’s Look at Interpersonal Relationships

PERC Self Advocacy Checklist

Personal and Professional Goals Worksheet

Social and Vocational Abilities Listing-1

Student Progress Self Evaluation

Student SelfAssessment and Reflections

Study Skills Inventory

TA Student and Parent Interview

Transition Assessment_P

Transition Assessment_S_Initial

Transition Inventory

Transportation Needs

What’s Important to Me

What’s Your Learning Style