Fraction Concepts in Literature

Here is a new Fraction Concepts in Literature review guide by Dana Curton


Fraction Concepts in Literature

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Difference Between Dysgraphia and Dyslexia…

Please see this informative article to learn about the differences between dysgraphia and dyslexia.

The Difference Between Dysgraphia and Dyslexia – Understood

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All things Google!

How can you help your struggling writers and readers using Google apps, extensions and add ons?

Get to know your Google Drive and Apps using this comprehensive Google site by Kasey Bell.

Shake up Learning

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.25.16 AM

Google’s new Template view available in Google Docs. 

What features or Extensions could be most helpful for your struggling writers and Readers?

Google Read/Write– Free for teachers and AT Referral for students

Clearly by Evernote

Too Long, Didn’t Read

Within Google Doc:

Revision history– Great way to recover older file and collaborate on Google Doc. Also, teachers can see student progress as he/she drafts writing product in Google Drive.

Research Sidebar– Great way to include a research sidebar for students writing about an informational topic. Pictures, graphics, etc. will be pulled up in the research window and can be dragged and dropped into the doc. The citations will be automatically included in the footnote.

Voice Typing– Can be used to dictate into a document in order to draft the entire writing product or for brainstorming.

New Google Drive Features – This aricle outlines new features in Google Drive.

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Special Education Instructional Coaching

Welcome to our St. Vrain Special Education Instructional Coaching site! 

Who are your Instructional Coaches?

  • Tara Mason, Lead Instructional Coach and Assistive Technology
  • Dana Curton, Math Instructional Coach, Frederick, Mead and Lyons Feeders
  • Kathy McCall, Reading Instructional Coach, Longmont and Niwot Feeders
  • Trude Burnett, Significant Support Needs Instructional Coach, Sklyine and Silver Creek Feeders
  • Eileen Neilands, Communication and AAC Instructional Coach, Erie Feeder and Charters
  • Lauren Hodges, AT/ACC Clerk

We are now offering coaching partnerships along with instructional coaching for new special education teachers. 

An Instructional Coach provides brand new teachers who have limited professional experience extensive support and guidance.

A Coaching Partner offers the same benefits of an Instructional Coach within a peer-based, collaborative environment.

We are happy to be a collaborative partner with any teacher in St. Vrain Special Education services and will be an ongoing support for professional development, intensive student intervention and instructional coaching.

Induction Program in St. Vrain for Special Education Professionals

The following framework will be used for instructional coaching within special education:

  1. New Hires – Novice 1/Novice 2: Novice 1 teachers have no teaching experience. Novice 2 special education teachers have less than two years of experience. These two groups of teachers are required to receive 16 hours of coaching from a Special Education Instructional Coach plus an additional 8 hours of peer mentoring from a veteran teacher. Total: 24 Hours
  2. New Hire – Experienced: Experienced special education teachers are going into their third year of teaching or more and are new to SVVSD are required to receive 8 hours with a Coaching Partner. Total: 8 Hours
  3. Current SVVSD Special Education Teachers: Novice 2 teachers with two years of teaching experience and veteran teachers already working in the district may elect to receive 8 hours from a Coaching Partner, who would be one of the Special Education Instructional Coaches. Total: 8 Hours

St. Vrain Student Intervention Support Services by your SpEd ICs:

Most of you know the Instructional Coaches as interventionists. While the framework around intervention is changing, you will still have access to intervention support through a simple referral process, which will allow us to better manage, and serve your intervention needs.

Currently, our student referral forms are located on our St. Vrain Assistive Technology Blog. Please complete one of these forms online to ensure a speedy consultation by your SpEd IC. If your referral is in another SpEd IC expertise area that person may be the one coming to visit with you and your student.

Assistive Technology Blog

Our intervention process is typically a three-part system. We will see your online referral come in once you hit the “submit” button. Make sure you check your e-mail and confirm you received a copy of your intervention referral.

Next steps: 

1. We will contact you within the week to set up our initial meeting;

2. In our initial meeting, we will observe your student and/or work with you to facilitate an appropriate referral assessment to learn about your student’s needs;

3. We will draft a plan for intervention and send to you within the week of our initial meeting;

4. A second meeting will be scheduled within two weeks of our first to check in on the implementation plan;

5. A third meeting will be scheduled to ensure a progress-monitoring plan is in place.

Professional Development facilitated by your SpEd ICs: 

Please save the following dates on your calendar for next school year. Go to the Office of Professional Development to sign up for professional development courses being offered by your SpEd ICs and other trainings offered by professionals all over the district.

St. Vrain Office of Professional Development


❏ Paraprofessional training, October 16, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

❏ Literacy Differentiation, 6-12, November 7th, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


We are very excited about this new framework for the support of special educators. We look forward to partnering with all of you as we work together to increase student achievement district-wide.

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