Why??? Teaching to the Blue

Do you have students and/or colleagues who are constantly asking, “Why?” “Why do we need to do this?”  “How do you know this?” People with a preference in Blue ask many questions, not because they don’t understand, but because they need proof.  Until all questions can be answered, the Blue brain is skeptical.

Last week I wrote about the challenge some of us have teaching to or working with people who have a preference in yellow/Conceptual thinking. For some of us, working with people who have a preference in Blue can be just as challenging.

It is important that we keep in mind the brilliance of this thinking attribute. This brain is an excellent critical thinker and is disciplined through process.  This brain will notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies in logic and reason.

Here are some tips for teaching to and working with someone who has a preference in Blue:,

  • Know your material when teaching or presenting ideas and be able to back up your claims with research and data.
  • Be efficient in communication
  • Allow time for the Blue brain to read and become informed before coming to class or a meeting
  • Provide time for questions and answers
  • Encourage them to ask critical questions
  • Use graphs and charts
  • Provide time to work alone
  • Provide opportunities for brain puzzles
  • Integrate your technology seamlessly
  • Stay on task
  • Explain the purpose of a task

What are some ideas you have for communicating with someone who has a blue preference?


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