The Language of Grace

It is crucial that we solely operate from a strengths-based approach when we use the Emergentics tool with ourselves, our colleagues and students.  Geil Browing, one of the founders of Emergenetics, calls this using “the Language of Grace:”

The Language of Grace is not just words.  It’s an empowering and effective tool that creates behavioral changes. It starts with you making the conscious effort to choose different language patterns that emphasize positive thoughts and outcomes and then encouraging everyone else to do the same. As your workers become more fluent in this language, thinking patterns in the workplace begin to change (56).

In some instances, when people receive their profiles they say something like,”I don’t have any red,” when in reality everyone has red; that person just might not prefer to live in Red. Similarly, we should view our preferences as strengths. For example, people with a preference in Red can be seen as emotional and overly sensitive, but when we choose to look at the strengths of that same attribute (approachable and caring), we motivate the brains of others and ensure that we build a positive culture in our buildings.

This positive language also applies to the behaviors.  Rather than thinking of my 3/3 assertiveness as impatient or bossy, I might see myself as liking a quick pace. Rather than seeing a 1/3 assertive as being an avoider, I might see him/her as a keeper of peace.

Because school ends on Thursday and some of you will not have access to email over the summer, I will continue this blog in August.  I look forward to featuring some schools and teams who have been using their profiles in their everyday work.  Thanks for the suggestion, Joe McBreen! If you would like to be featured, please comment below.  Have a wonderful summer!