October 2016 archive

IHP vs 504 Clarification

This post is to provide clarification on when and if IHPs warrant a 504 plan. Difference between and IHP and 504: Purpose of IHP: An IHP is specific to managing healthcare and to support the student’s health needs while at school Purpose of 504: A 504 addresses accommodations in academic areas, specifically in the classroom. …

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Retaining Backups

When you see this message asking “Would you like to clear your remaining backup values?” Always select RetainĀ BackupsĀ   

Reminder: Freeze Date is October 15th

WHY and WHEN do plans freeze? Plans typically freeze twice a year. We freeze once in the fall, to keep a copy of the starting point, and then again in the spring at the end of the school year. The fall freeze date is October 15th! However, you may edit the plan at any time …

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