Adding Students to Your Classroom Blog in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create a Blog

Step 2: Go to your blog’s dashboard.

Step 3: On the left sidebar go to Users > Add User (Do not use Add New at the top)

Step 4: In Add Bulk Users enter or paste your students’ standard usernames.

Standard Username Format: lastna.firstn##

One username per line.

Step 5: Select the role the students should have on your blog.

Administrator – students would have access to all the administration features within your blog site. (I would not recommend this, the students could remove your access to the blog)

Editor – students can publish and manage posts including yours and the posts of other students.

Author– students can publish and manage their own posts.

Contributor – students can write and manage their own posts but you will have to publish them.

Subscriber – students can only manage their profile.

Step 6: Click Add Bulk Users

Your students can now log in and your blog will be listed in their My Sites. Don’t Forget you can change their role within your blog site at any time.