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What IS the SAT Challenge?

Challenge Today, Change Tomorrow Our Mission: To help all students see themselves in the SAT process by equipping them with the language, tools, knowledge, and mindset to do their best on the exam – and beyond. 

My Students Took a Practice Test: Now What?

So your students took a practice test: Where do you find the results? How can I dig deeper?   My Students Took a Practice Test Now What from SVVSD on Vimeo.

My Teacher Gave Me a Practice Test: Now What?

So you took a practice test at school and got a print out of your results: What now!? Watch this video to walk through your report. My Teacher Gave Me a Test Now What Part I (1) from SVVSD on Vimeo.

Current SAT Challenge

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a whole cache of student-created videos that demonstrate solutions to SAT questions? We think so, too! For January and February, we’ll be doing an extended challenge. Upload a video demonstrating a solution to an SAT question from practice test 1 or practice test 6.  Put your videos (limit …

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Prep Step: Practice – Within and Beyond – the Test

Question: What’s the Best Way to Practice for the SAT? HOW you practice matters – a lot! To familiarize yourself with skills, format, and question types, we’ve compiled several resources here for you. Beyond the Test Inside the Test Other Questions to Guide Your Practice Beyond the test Because the SAT has a distinct format …

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Prep Step: What’s a Good Score?

Question: What’s a Good Score? We get asked this ALL THE TIME – and it’s SUCH a great question! But – we can’t really answer it for you! SAT scores can be leveraged in such a variety of ways, and to such varying degrees, that the only person who can answer that … is you. …

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Video – Preparation

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Prep Step: How Much Should I Practice?

Just this week, a student saw this graphic and said, “Are you serious? If I want to go up 100 points, I have to practice for 20 hours?!” And yes, at first that numbers seems jarring, considering how much students have going on these days. But when I pointed out that we have about four …

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