February 2018 archive

Discussing Anxiety

Hey there! I know a lot of your students are worried about the upcoming tests. I think about this a lot – and would love your thoughts and suggestions on minimizing anxiety in your students and classroom! Here are my thoughts after literally hundreds of conversations on the topic: Some notes on testing anxiety: Read …

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Prep Step: Dealing with Anxiety

Welcome to a special edition of Prep Step: we have guests! Students from OCHS lend some helpful advice, and guest writer Olga Cordero, Counselor at Rocky Mountain Elementary (soon to be Director of Education Equity and Community Engagement) joins us with some thoughts on anxiety management. Some Notes on Anxiety If you’ve turned on tv …

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Prep Step: I just took a practice test: now what?

Hey there! If you just took a practice test, here are a few steps to better understanding and improving your score: 1: Understand Your Report 2: Review Your Mistakes and Classify Them 3: Create a Khan Account to Address Skill Issues 4: Take Another Practice Test! 1: Understand Your Report I know all of you …

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