Prep Step: I just took a practice test: now what?

Hey there!

If you just took a practice test, here are a few steps to better understanding and improving your score:

1: Understand Your Report
2: Review Your Mistakes and Classify Them
3: Create a Khan Account to Address Skill Issues
4: Take Another Practice Test!

1: Understand Your Report
I know all of you got those fabulous, personalized reports – here’s a video on how to read them!

My Teacher Gave Me a Test Now What Part I (1) from SVVSD on Vimeo.

2: Reviewing Your Mistakes and Classifying Them:
Look over your answers and the answer explanations (all found here). Separate your errors into two categories:

      • Simple mistakes: Didn’t read closely enough, put the wrong answer by mistake, didn’t enter it correctly into your calculator.
      • Skill-based errors: You didn’t know how to solve/ answer or didn’t do it correctly

Practice differently for different types of errors.

For simple mistakes (a.k.a unforced errors), identify what is causing the errors. Do you need to circle a key word in the question? Do you need to make sure you write down your math? Do you need to improve calculator skills? If it’s the clock: mimic the time constraints you’re typically under, and maybe even be a tad more rigorous.

For Skill-Based Errors: Talk to a teacher, practice skills, and see our Prep Step: Beyond the Test.

3: Create a Khan and Shmoop Account to Address Skill Issues
If you recently took at practice test at your school, follow these steps to link your results to a Khan account for personalized practice! And don’t forget – every highschooler has access to Shmoop through their Schoology account.

(For those of you who entered your answers on Schoology – you can download the paper answer sheets here and fill in the bubbles to take the picture part.)

4: Take Another Practice Test!
I know, I know – it sounds like a bad idea… but once you’ve gone through this work of identifying strengths and weaknesses, you have to get back in the game and apply! Follow this link for more released practice tests. Print the answer sheets and bubble them in so you can take a picture of them and upload into Khan for more personalized practice. Remember – Practice Makes Progress! Like a sport – you don’t wait to try your new strategies or skills on game day.