• Summer Recipes

    In summer, people have a lot of freedom to do whatever and make whatever they want. However, with that freedom often times comes boredom and the need for something different. […]

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  • Never Be Afraid of Change

    About a month ago, I did an internship at a dental office, shadowing for my dental class at CDC. As a senior, and because it was my second year in […]

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  • Finals Week!

    Semester 2 Finals are approaching! Finals will take place May 22nd – May 24th; Monday, May 22nd: Periods 1, 2, and 3 Tuesday, May 23rd: Periods 5, 6, and 7 […]

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  • Summer Activities

    Colorado is the Centennial State filled with the Rocky Mountains and bipolar weather conditions. There appears to be several places with excellent summertime activities in this state, and they all […]

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  • Decorating Graduation Caps

    Decorating a graduation cap has turned into a tradition for young graduates , or at least it seems like a tradition since so many people decorate their caps.   You […]

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  • Prom/After Prom Photos…… and Prom Royalty!

    To see a full video of who won Prom Royalty click here!   Here are some photos from the event: Prom Pictures       After Prom Pictures  

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