Class of 2016: Sweet Sixteen

College. Many people think about it everyday. We are surrounded by hundreds of my classmates all thinking about the same thing. Where would they  like to go? Where would they go? How would they begin? Everybody gets so anxious for the next step in life. Everyone is trying to take the next step in moving on after high school. For some, the next step is the military or air-force. For some, it’s college or technical school. Others chose to enter the workforce. Regardless of the route we take, one thing is certain: in five months, our high school years will be over and a new chapter will begin.

Seniors at Skyline High School all know that after high school, they have an idea on what they want to do. A lot of them think about going to school out of state just to explore a different environment and be on there own. Some have gotten scholarships to the school they would be attending. Overall many students plan to continue their education.


Tatiannaa Duran:

My plans after high school would be to do community college as in Front Range for about 1 or 2 years to get the main courses I need for what I want to major in and then I’d like to transfer to a college in California and study criminal justice. I chose California because I’ve always wanted to live in or near the Bay Area: I’ve just always found it so beautiful over there.






Toree Baldwin:

I’m going to the University of Michigan and majoring in biomedical engineering and then go on to become a Pediatrician. A lot of schools have great bio med programs, but when I walked on campus at Michigan, I felt like I was home. Like I was supposed to be there. Everyone there wants to be there and have such a love for their school. U of M has the largest living alumni association in the world, and I get to be a part of that! How sick is that? These people are proud of where they come from and have a love for their school that’s beyond measure. They have a march to all their football team’s home games and haven’t failed to fill their new larger stadium for the last 5 years! I’m guaranteed to have more fun than I can possible imagine and get a great education at the same time. I’m so excited for my future!

12477173_1227267507287562_8072350_o (1)Lavierleon Dinh:

I chose to go to CU- Boulder to be legacy in my brother’s fraternity and join Pi Delta Psi. I planned on majoring in Astrology. Studying the planets, stars, and constellations etc.



Sariah Orocu:

I’m going to college at the university of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to play Division-1 soccer. I plan to study either Criminal Justice or Psychology. I chose Arkansas because I was deciding between two schools, and UAPB gave me the best scholarship offer.







Adriel Compian:

My plans are to go to Front Range then University of Northern Colorado to study business management. I chose business management so I know how to run a business.





Taylor Ramsaur:

My plans after high school are to attend the University of Wyoming and cheer on their coed team. I chose this because I knew I wanted to continue my cheer career into college, and the University of Wyoming has an amazing collegiate cheer program. I plan to major in Marketing and Communications and maybe minor in Special Education!


12489861_10204826035645236_430119922_o (1)Nonceba Ellie Ncube:

I’m going to college at either UCCS or University of Wyoming for nursing. I chose this because I love to help people and what better way to help then doing something that is hands on helping people.






Kaitlyn Sullivan:

I am going to Nebraska Wesleyan University to play soccer and study nursing. I have always wanted to play college soccer, and I absolutely love the school. Right now I want to get my bachelors degree in nursing and maybe a minor in Sports Management.


12494033_1001369499919941_1462522938_o (1)

Allison Hoskins:

I plan to go to BYU Idaho to major in Education because I always wanted to be a teacher and a lot of people have told me that I would be a great one.


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