Teacher Spotlight: Michelle Scott

Here at Skyline High School, we are privileged to have amazing teachers. All these teachers inspire us to be better everyday and push us to be the best we can possibly be. One of these great teachers is Michelle Scott. Scott is a great role model and a very strong woman. She makes the classroom as fun as possible and does her best to teach her students what they need to know.

Scott first decided to be a teacher her sophomore year of high school. She explains, “Teaching is the only thing I wanted to do. I enjoy helping people and seeing them learn, so it was pretty natural for me to go into teaching.IMG_4975

Scott attended college at CU-Boulder. During her time at CU, she taught at Casey Middle School; however, her first real teaching job was here at Skyline starting last year in the fall of 2014. She teaches Honors World Geography and U.S. Government. When asked about Skyline, she states, “I love it here! I feel so fortunate to have gotten a position at Skyline. In my opinion, there is no better school. Go Falcons!”

Scott is an inspirational teacher; many students look to her as not only a teacher, but also as a friend. Scott explains, “For me, I achieve the most [success] when I treat my students as people, not just as students.” She believes that getting to know her students on an “individual basis” allows her students to reach their potential. She explains the easiest thing for her as a teacher is building relationships with students. Scott, being a younger teacher, describes, “I think that since I am so close in age with many of my students, building positive relationships is a little easier.”  

Her involvement with her students extends beyond the classroom. Scott is the Junior Class Sponsor as well as the girls’ swim coach. Not only does she inspire those in her classes, but also those on the swim team and juniors throughout the school. She explains the impact that coaching has on her teaching: “I think my expectations have been a little bit higher in my classroom since the season started. I like to hold my swimmers to high expectations and that has translated into my classroom as well.”

IMG_4982Teachers use different styles to teach their subject. While describing her teaching style, Scott explains: “I think that I am a pretty laid back teacher. Even though my classroom can be a little bit crazy at times, I’d much rather my students learn in a fun way. I think that the more fun students have, while still learning, the more likely they are to retain information after leaving my class.” In the classroom, Scott is constantly trying to connect what her students are learning into hands-on activities which allow her students to learn and do so in a more meaningful way.

As students, we often believe that being a teacher is almost effortless and that teachers don’t have to work as hard as they really do. However, as Scott states, “I think the work teachers have to put in is the most challenging. Students don’t realize how much planning goes into one single lesson. Or how much work we do on the weekends and after the school bell rings.” At Skyline, we are privileged to have teachers like Michelle Scott who put in hours of effort to ensure that us students are prepared for the future, who inspire us to succeed, and who aren’t only our teachers, but also our mentors and friends.

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