Skyline’s club mixer

Being in a club is very important aspect of being in high school. They can help us find our identities and interests. They help us find friends who are interested in the same things we are. On Thursday, January 14th, Skyline’s non-academic clubs came together to share with others what they love.


Club representatives share information and meeting times with the group.

The mixer was planned by Skyline’s Gender and Sexuality Acceptance club, otherwise known as GSA. The party had many different snacks and a door prizes from each club that would later be given away in a raffle. The clubs there included: Art Club, Book Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, GSA, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Magic Club, National Art Honors Society (NAHS), Sci Fi Club, and Yoga Club.

Art Club and NAHS were represented at the mixer by Lilah Mares, the co-president of NAHS, the other president being Lindsey Hamblin. Lilah let everyone know that both clubs advocate for the arts by taking part in projects like No Empty Bowl, an international grassroots effort to raise both money and awareness in the fight to end hunger. Alternatively, art club is a safe and relaxing place to just make personal art projects. NAHS meets every other Tuesday in room 145 and Art Club meet every Thursday in room 146 or room 142.

Book Club, or Skyline’s High Class Literary Society, was represented by Brenna White and Jared Valentine. This club is very exclusive and requires students to fill out an application to join. Book club’s primary purpose is to dig deeper into literature, eat tasty food, and to uncover the elixir of life itself. Book club chooses books based on interest and recommendations from students and their teacher sponsor, David Frick. Though their meeting time is unpredictable, book club usually tries to meet every other Wednesday in room 117 and on some Saturdays where they meet up at restaurants and local places that relate the book they are reading.IMG_5399

Chess Club, Skyline’s newest club, is a group of like minded people who just really like chess. The club was represented by Clark Roylance, the group’s founder. The club meets everyday at lunch in the library and are supported by the librarians Mrs. Kannegieter and Ms. Dailey.

Drama Club, one of Skyline’s longest running clubs, was represented by their president Rachel Turner. The club’s main purpose is to promote all the musicals and play that Skyline puts on. In addition, the club tries to get out into the community and create a great environment for anyone to have fun and relax. Drama Club also likes to teach students about different aspects of theatre like stage makeup, blocking, and an array of improv games. Drama Club tries to meet every Tuesday after school in room 147.

Jake Roberts wins the raffle for Art Club's door prize: an arm and a leg.

Jake Roberts wins the raffle for Art Club’s door prize: an arm and a leg.

Though GSA hosted the event, they were represented by Shannon O’Neill, the president. Their goal is to create a safe fun community to be in where everyone is welcome regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. They say it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, both, or something completely different. On a usual day they sit around and talk about issues and things that are going on in their everyday lives. GSA also organizes school events like Day of Silence and the club mixer itself. GSA meets on Tuesdays after school in room 120 with Mr. Jaworski.

Janet Rodriguez, one out of eight leaders of LULAC, was also at the mixer. LULAC’s goal is to break hispanic stereotypes, try to push its members to be more active in the school, and reach for the same opportunities other students do. The club meets every Thursday, and elected leaders meet every Tuesday with Ms. Kaufman.

Another club that attended the mixer was Magic Club represented by Jake Vincent, an active member of the club. Magic Club likes to meet on Fridays after school in room 237 to play the fantasy game Magic the Gathering, a role playing game that has made it’s way into the hearts of Skyline’s proud nerds.IMG_5385

But Magic club isn’t the only club that supports the powerful interests of students. Sci Fi club is another group of like minded students, but instead of fantasy, they focus on science fiction. Xan Brown was at the mixer to support her club. She says, “the club started because there’s a bunch of sci-fi fans here at Skyline, and we all wanted a place to talk, watch sci fi, and be able to have special discussion days for different topics.” Sci-fi Club meets every day at lunch in room 237.

The last club at the mixer was Skyline’s Yoga Club, represented by co-presidents Maddy Reed and Dany Batchelor. The club’s main goal is to provide a relaxing environment in the stressful times of high school. Their proud motto is “flexibility not required”. Yoga club has a variety of different leaders. Sometimes, the sponsor Ms. Texera leads the class, as well as the president’s and any students that want to lead. Yoga club also has guest instructors from other schools and local yoga studios. Yoga club meets every Thursday from 2:45 to 4 after school in room 155, the band room.

Over 40 students came to the club mixer.

Over 40 students came to the club mixer.

Overall, the mixer was a great opportunity for clubs to get some new members and share their high school experience.

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