Welcome to Skyline, Class of 2020!

Registration Night

When: Thursday February 11th

Where: Skyline High School; Vance Brand Auditorium

Time: 6:00 pm

Information on registering for 2016-2017 academic classes. Mandatory for all incoming freshman. 

It is time, Class of 2020! Skyline High School is ready to welcome you with a qualified staff to guide, advise, lead, and encourage each of you to make the best of high school so that by the time you reach your graduation goal you are ready to take on the real world.

The transition from middle school to high school may seem fearful, but in reality, it’s not as bad as it is typically implied. Many incoming freshman may experience times of serious procrastination or high stress, but there’s no need for that! For all those incoming freshmen, going to ninth grade is not something you should be scared of; instead, realize that it is a time to enjoy! High school is full of new things for students to take advantage of: so many extra curricular activities, clubs, sports and much more! Becoming a freshman can be tough, though. There are many new things to grow accustomed to: thinking about how things will function in your new school, how will you stay together with your friends, how will the teachers be, and learning new rules or expectations. All this can get students nervous, and it is logical to feel nervous. It happens every time you go to a place you have never been before. Something students typically fear the most is about the amount of work they’ll be assigned and how difficult it’ll be. This is often due to listening to other students’ experiences, but it can also be just because of their own preconceptions. Of course, there will be more work than what you might be used to; however, it’s not terribly bad! And like anything else, soon the high school workload will feel familiar and normal.

I remember when I was going into ninth grade– it was very, very strange, and (I’ll admit) it was scary! Just thinking about how I would do in my new school made me nervous. I remember asking myself things like: “Will the teachers be mean since it’s a bigger school? Will I be able to be with my friends the same way as I did in middle school and elementary? How will my grades be like?” It can definitely be difficult to go from being in your familiar middle school to a totally different, larger high school, but, I can honestly say now that I’ve been through it myself, my fears were exaggerated! Although the first day or probably even the first few days as a freshman can feel a little bit strange, we eventually adjust and everything just keeps on going as normal, with the exception that our friends may have different classes than we do. But, there’s lunch! I also remember that the first day I didn’t have my schedule. I was so nervous because without it, how would I know where to go to? The good thing is that I ended up asking for one and everything worked itself out. I even got lost the first few days– embarrassing and scary for anyone! Fortunately, my cousin (who at that time was a junior) helped me until I got used to it.  

Now that I am in my senior year here at Skyline, I think back about every moment being here and realize that, undoubtedly, it has been the best time and a time I have fully enjoyed. Although there were a few times when I really struggled with certain things, I kept moving on and now here I am ready to graduate. It’s odd to think back and recognize that now graduation is only months away. I remember the first day I walked into this place listening to voices yelling “Welcome Class of 2016!” I asked myself, “When will that time get here?” It seemed to far away at the time. Students who are about to become freshmen: don’t be terrified! Relax and think that when you least expect it and aren’t even looking, the end of your senior year will be here and you too will be getting ready to graduate. Personally, I think that the best advice I can give you is to not be scared; instead, enjoy your time here and take advantage of every single opportunity that comes to you. Give all your effort at all times, and most importantly, never give up even if something seems difficult and even if you think you can’t do it or make it. You can!

Good luck, Class of 2020! Enjoy the next best four years of your life.

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