The Sky Line News Blog Needs Your Help!

The Sky Line News Blog Needs You!

Our newspaper class has too small of a group of people signed up for next year. If we can’t get people to sign up, it won’t be a class anymore!

The Sky Line News Blog is just getting started again, and it would be a shame to just let all of this work go to waste. We’ve re-designed the website and written 157 articles (and counting) since September 2016. This class gives students 0.5 English credits per semester. If you’re a freshman, that means you could finish your English credits in just two years when taking another year-long English course and if you pass your English classes, of course. If you’re struggling to get English credits in, take newspaper! You get to choose what you want to write about. Plus, newspaper looks good on your résumé and college applications.

If you find yourself attending a lot of sports games (or playing in them), then join the newspaper! We need sports writers pretty badly right now, and we’d love to have some. If you like attending events hosted by the school or taking pictures, you could bring a camera and help add photos to our multimedia page. If you just overall enjoy writing, sign up for Newspaper because we have plenty of opportunities for that. Do you like drawing? Come draw comics for us! There is something for everyone in this class.
This class is definitely worth saving. This class gives me the least amount of stress. It’s quite open during the class, and you can choose what you want to work on during the class (as long as it’s related to the newspaper). I find myself clicking on articles posted on Facebook and wanting to express and talk about my opinion. It’s a way to get your feelings out on controversial topics, or just to write something that you’re passionate about.

Here’s what other members of the newspaper have to say about the class and why we should keep it:

I think that the newspaper gives kids a chance to express themselves, to write about things that they wouldn’t tell others in person, or to feel like they are involved with making a change by writing about relevant things.” -Jatzeny Flores

I know that every student needs an English class, so why not Newspaper? Newspaper makes it easier for students to write because they can write their opinions and turn it into an article. It’s an easy A for anyone as long as you put effort into it. Lastly, why not join a class with a wonderful teacher?” -Maria Silva

Newspaper is a way to express yourself and is also helpful if you are in National Honors Certificate, VPA, and STEM. You need to join a club and it could also help you finish an English credit. Also, if you like to express yourself by doing photography, journalism, design, and videography, this is definitely a place to you.” -Estefania Ornelas

To become a part of next year’s newspaper class, see your counselor.

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