What To Do When Prom Isn’t Your Thing

Prom is coming up really fast (Saturday, April 29th), and it is a wonderful tradition filled with memories to never forget. Even though it’s a really nice thing to attend, some people would prefer to not go to prom. The night is about making your high school life memorable to you. So, if you decide prom’s not your thing, here are some things you could do instead and still make memories.

1. Going out to dinner with friends

If your friends aren’t going to prom, why not invite them to a nice dinner? Spend time eating with people you enjoy spending time with. It’s also way cheaper, and you could also make amazing memories with the people you love.

2. Go to the movies

Who doesn’t like to watch new movies at a theater, right? Whether it’s with family or friends, watching a movie is always a fun thing to do. Some of the movies that are showing in theaters now are: The Fate of the Furious, The Boss Baby, Beauty and the Beast, and Split.

3. Have a bonfire

What better thing to do then to have a bonfire at night! Bonfires are a good thing to relax or just to spend time with people you love. Even though you can’t just do a bonfire anywhere, there are many places where you can. For example, in wood burning pits.
4. Throw a party

Have your own party and invite people you have fun with. Being at a party is really fun, and it can also be less expensive. Create memories that will last forever. Be sure to take pictures.
5. Have fun
No matter if you go to prom or not, make the night special. Do things that make you happy. Being happy is a wonderful thing and especially with people you love to be with. Make that night like no other, whether it’s something simple or something big. Making that night memorable for you is what counts!

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