Prom: Behind the Scenes

Prom. It’s the biggest event of the school year, and there is a lot of work put into it behind the scenes. Prom is possible thanks to everybody on Student Council. To put together this year’s prom, it costs over $10,000! It’s difficult to raise that much money within the school year, but they are able to do it by selling tickets to prom, bake sales, and putting on events such as Skyline’s Got Talent, Mr. Falcon, and 3 v. 3 soccer. The Student Council is very dedicated to making prom perfect for every student who attends. They begin to plan in July, before the school year starts, to come up with ideas about the location and theme. The location is decided before the school year begins, and in the middle of October, the upperclassmen in Student Council vote on the top three themes for prom. From there, they continue to work hard up to the day of prom. They don’t slack off when it comes to making things great.

If you see anybody on the Student Council, be sure to thank them for all of their hard work because prom couldn’t happen without them.

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