The Top Three Promposals!

Congratulations to Ruby and Jesus the winners of The Sky Line’s first ever promposal contest.


Check out this condensed version of the winning video below (As the original was over ten minutes long! Wow!) 



The newspaper staff wants you to know that we viewed every single one of your submitted promposals. We have to say that there were a variety of terrific ways that you proposed, and we enjoyed viewing all of them. Everyone in our staff had a favorite. For example, Ashly, a Skyline senior and The Sky Line’s Managing Editor, said: “Summers proposal was my favorite because she put quite a bit effort in the decorations, and it takes guts to sing in front of a person while playing an instrument.”


Check out Summer’s proposal below!



Another favorite was “The Office” proposal, submitted by Davis Brennan. The Sky Line’s sponsor, Ms. Kaufman, said: “It was of movie quality and showed a sense of humor and cleverness.”


Check out “The Office” Promposal below!



Each promposal was creative and romantic, and we hope you all have an amazing time at prom. Once again, thank you for submitting your proposals to the contest!


Finally, we’d like to thank Ms. Scott and all of Student Government for their generosity in providing the winners with two prom tickets and for their support and help in judging. You rock!


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